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May 24, 2006 08:17 PM

fried plantain list:

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Best fried plantains I've had in this town (I've had, oh, about 30):

#1. Fried plantain platter, Club Tropical.
#2. Fried plantain platter, El Gran Burrito.
#3. Empanadas (fried mashed plantains stuffed with condensed milk), Atlacatl.
#4. Many kinds of fried plantains at the Columbian place right next to the injured foot sign on Sunset in Silverlake.

Disappointing: fried plantain platter at Atlacatl, empanadas at Texis #2.

Have yet to find cuban fried green plaintains as good as stuff from the east coast, including Versailles and El Cochinito.



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  1. I liked the fried plantains at that Cuban restaurant in Glendale (La Cubana??). It is on Colorado east of Glendale Bl. Sorry, Thi, I am drawing a blank and can't find it in Smartpages or CitySearch!!

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    1. re: WildSwede

      Yes, it is La Cubana at 720 E. Colorado in Glendale, at 818.243.7398. Been there forever.

    2. The fried green plantains at El Colmao on Pico are very, very good, if not quite as wonderful as the legendary tostones from the late, lamented Chaos on Vermont.

      1. Incidentally, the fried plantains at Club Tropical are worth a trip on their own. Exceptional.

        My favorite jazz club on the nights when it's going, too. Bennie Maupin, Davis' bass clarinetist from Bitche's Brew, is playing this Friday. Last time I saw him there, he blew my mind to kingdome come.

        I'll be there scarfing plantains.

        THIS is why I love L.A. Good out there music (things I've seen there include avant garde jazz cello backed by taiko drums. Another time, a local Ukrainian woman's chorus), with my second-favorite Salvadorean food in town. Real jazz and $2 grilled corn tortilla stuffed with cheese that I can't remember the name for right now because I'm dumb, and $4 perfect fried plantain and bean and fresh cream platter, and $1 hot Salvadorean chocolate - my kinda place.


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        1. re: Thi N.

          The READ Thi N. used to tell us where places were.
          What have you done with him, and please send him back safely.

          1. re: TE

            Are you kidding me? I've gotten scolded for not telling people where stuff is more times than I can count.

            I can count to, like, ten, at least.

            It's on Washington in Culver City, near the Jazz Bakery.


            1. re: Thi N.

              Yes, I'm kidding. We all know that most Chowhounds expect the rest of to intuit locations.

              Anyway, thanks.

          2. dunno if this counts but cuban bistro in alhambra has fried plantain chips that comes with a garlic cilantro sauce..sooo good

            1. I like the tostones at Atlantic Cafe in Pasadena. Good mojo to dip them in.

              At Guelaguetza, they serve the plantains with crema and a sweet strawberry puree. Different, but good.

              There is a Salvadorean place on Figueroa and Ave. 26 or so, called Marias. They make good platanos fritos, served with soupy beans and crema.

              The cuban place, across from the Japanese AMerican museum in little tokyo has these crispy fried plantains called mariquitas, that are sliced lengthwise. About the only good thing here on a consistent basis.