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Dec 13, 2011 10:12 AM

Heading to Sarasota and outlying KEYS Dec 14-18th 2011..suggestions please

We love to eat where the locals love to other words, good food, seafood, french, latin, good fun casual places and/or great sunsets, fun times to just relax and enjoy......we are friendly people and love the same. Grew up on the Chesapeake and Atlantic and later on the gulf, with a grandfather in the seafood business, so admire good seafood. Hope to find your delicious stone crab claws for lunch or dinner many times over while there..and just relax.
A good watering hole for an afternoon cocktail or a nice setset is also enjoyed, and if a place requires a pair of slacks or something like that, then we are not opposed either. Please guide us and
thanks in advance from Atlanta to Sarasota and beyond......

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  1. Love this one.
    Casey Key Fish House
    Both are Local
    Also Eat here..on Main St downtown
    Lans also on Main
    I'm sure others will add more. Have a wonderful time!

    1. Love Ophelia's on the Bay on Siesta Key for a special night out and fantastic food. I hear they do a happy hour now sometime around 4-6 too. Last season, did the Sunday bruch. Fabulous! and a great value, too. The setting is hard to beat with an awesome waterfront view of a bird sanctuary. I never miss it when in the area.

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        Star fish dockside, (outside dining only) Cortez Owned by the A.P. Bell Wholesale Fish House, next door, watch the commercial fishing boats unload. Stone Crabs are in season!!!

        As M'O 4 wrote Eat Here Sarasota Main Stree, also good food,t a little rushed in the service, new, always crowded, no reservations, good bar & terrace upstairs.

        The Best Bolognese food anywhere outside of Emelia Romagna, Bologna Cafe, reservations necessary, unique, moderate to expensive, a true dining experience. Very accomodating service and friendly owners, Barbara and Claudio.

        Pho Cali, Vietnamese Noodle Shop, Main Street Sarasota. Excellent Pho, noodle dishes, Duck, vegetarian dishes, various flavors in Bubble Tea, seafood, chicken, beef, pork etc. everything made to order seconds before it arrives at your table. Very inexpensive, lunch and dinner, no reservations.Stand in line if you arrive for earlyish dinner!

        New Breakfast place, Sarasota one block past fruitville road on tamiami trail N.toasted mango owned by 2 young ladies who really know the local breakfast and lunch biz.

        Toasted Mango, homemade corned beef Hash, Eggs bennie, Mango butter served, great on pancakes! other usual suspects for breakfast, good coffee, slow cooked oatmeal, homemade muffins & cinnamon buns, daily specials Breakfast and Lunch daily.

      2. My two cents worth:

        Phillippi Creek for relaxed atmosphere and good value seafood in Sarasota
        Siesta Key Oyster Bar on Main street in the Key for fun lunch menu and great service.


        Phillippi Creek Village Oyster Bar
        5353 S Tamiami Trl, Sarasota, FL 34231

        Siesta Key Oyster Bar
        5238 Ocean Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34242

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          Phillippe Creek definitely a tourist place. Wouldn't touch it in tourist season with a ten foot pole.
          Just was at Casey Key Fish House last night, empty, and had delicious Almond crusted Snapper, but again wouldn't go near it starting in Jan Don't do 45-1 hour waits for any restaurant. Just not my bag, actually haven't found a restaurant yet that is worth that kind of wait....if they are they usually take reservations.

          1. re: Mother of four

            I completely agree about Phillippe Creek Oyster Bar...definitely a tourist place....sooooo busy all the time and very noisy...don't take reservations and I hate waiting a long time for a table. We just don't bother going there anymore.

            1. re: Mother of four

              My favorite dish at Casey Key Fish House is what u had....

              1. re: irwin

                Fish was great, but I sure wish they would do something about their wine. Good food deserves a decent glass of wine even though it's in a plastic glass!! Heck if they could supply me with a decent wine I would even bring my own glass. ;)

          2. For fish that is very fresh Capt Brian's; no atmosphere, alot of ,"very", senior citizens, closes early, fish store in restuarant has a limited selection but mostly everything is very fresh Go there only for the food. Usually has house Alderwood smoked salmon, good Fish stew, lobster special is a 2lb Maine lobster shipped in every few days with salad bar and veg around
            $24.00/26.00. Excellent Grouper sandwich for lunch, steamed mussels etc.

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            1. re: ospreycove

              Capt Brian's has wonderful fresh fish, just a long way to travel from the south end of Sarasota. Haven't been there in over a year. Did have Lotsa Lobster steam a lobster for me and I enjoyed every last bite of it!

              1. re: Mother of four

                Mo'4....... Went to Capt. Brian's to order my "goods" to make the Christmas Eve "Night of 7 Fishes Feast", it is a real trip when you pick up on Christmas Eve and you see all the folks discussing their fav preparations while they wait to pick up their sometimes huge orders!!!