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Dec 13, 2011 09:57 AM

Pre show dinner Horseshoe

Afternoon All-
Will be heading in to town for a show at the Horseshoe on Saturday night-any rec's for 2 guys within a decent walk of the Hilton garden on John and/ or the Horseshoe on Queen-
Ideally would be with dining in the bar area-
Looking for an alternative to Terroni or even the Keg on York where we usually end up

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  1. Peter Pan on Queen W

    Jules on Spadina

    1. The Rivoli would likely fit the bill - interesting pseudo-thai menu. It's a small bar area but lively with a DJ. Frankly there aren't a tonne of lively restaurants in the area that aren't chains (i.e., Milestones on John Street)

      Just down Spadina on King there are a few fun places that might work and are a 10 minute walk from the Shoe. WVRST is one that comes to mind. Rodney's is another.

      1. i'm doing the friday skydiggers show, and going to the gaberdine beforehand. it isn't open on the saturday though. if i was going on the saturday i would probably have booked buca, but givent the season and late date it probably doesn't have space-but worth checking out

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          Thanks for the ideas so far-Buca was a good idea-but booked all night-cheers

        2. Less than 10 min walk to the Horseshoe is Jacob and Company, or Marben.
          Both have great bar spaces to eat at.
          You can always try Buca as a walk in, they usually have unreserved seats in the bar area.