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Dec 13, 2011 09:35 AM

Seeking fun bar for group of 20-30 in Boston for a Tuesday happy hour

Can anyone suggest a fun, inexpensive, not too crowded bar with delicious appetizers for a Tuesday night happy hour (alumni) networking event? Back Bay or Cambridge or anywhere downtown....

Thanks in advance,
An Out-of-Towner

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  1. if you call them ahead to make sure they can accomodate all of you, and don't all show up at once (which would overwhelm this cozy place), you could try Brick & Mortar (Central square T stop, Cambridge, upstairs of Central Kitchen). Not sure whether they have their own phone number yet, but you can call Central Kitchen to make arrangements. If you have a budget, you could even ask them to make a Chatham Artillery punchbowl for the group, or pass-around apps, or something like that...

    1. you might look into Catalyst, a new place near Kendall, on Main Street

      1. There's a nice space at EVOO and Za near Kendall that might work for you if you are looking for a semi-private area. I also like Abigail's in the same area. All are within two blocks of a T-stop on the Red Line.

        1. Someone recommended Cambridge Brewing Company for a similar event in a previous thread. Beer and wine only (no spirits), but the beer is excellent. The food is acceptable but not too exciting IMO.

          1. Not sure if it's big enough, but Tuesday Taco Night at Tremont 647 could be a good option.