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Dec 13, 2011 09:07 AM

Restaurants near the Westin Calgary

Does anyone have any suggestions for good restaurants within (wintertime) walking distance from the Westin in downtown Calgary? Budget and cuisine are flexible. It would also be for a solo diner.

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  1. Can depend upon my mood and the extent to which it has or is snowing, but my favourite is to head north and walk past the Y and through Eau Claire Market and take the footbridge across the river into Prince's Island and take the short stroll to River Cafe. Nice atmosphere. Excellent food and wine with an emphasis upon regional fare.

    Often have dined alone either in the dining room or more often, up at their bar.

    1. Luckily for you the Westin is connected to our +15 system so you can stroll indoors to Scotia Place and then this opens up all the great restaurants on Stephan Ave. +15 is open till 9pm on a limited but in your case useful route to open up the range.

      My first stop as a solo diner after getting out of Scotia Place would be the newly renovated Catch Oyster Bar downstairs, try the Manilla Clam linguini. Everything else is very solid too and Ian the oyster shucker will keep you entertained with excellent service if you sit at the bar.
      There are lots of other good options on Stephen Ave.
      Close to the hotel there really isn't any standouts besides River Cafe, I live about a 3 minute walk from the Westin so know the area well. At the westin there is a Keg which is a chain so many fellow hounders may frown upon this but I've had good service and really enjoy the prime rib. There is also a new Japanese resto right next door which I;ve heard good things about.
      Joeys right accross the Sheraton is another lively option for a solo diner. Sit at the bar and you will have a good experience in all aspects. Once again a chain but one of the best ones imho. It's not a michelin star place by any means but for the prices you can't expect this either. I've sat next to so many hockey stars here who enjoy Joeys on their roadtrips up north.
      My recos have a but more of a livelier atmosphere which is usually what I like while out of town on business. If you are looking more for a pure fine dining experience let us know.

      1. The Keg in the Westin is always busy and a good place to people watch. Downside; it's the Keg.

        Caesar's is just down the street if you are in the mood for a great piece of beef, but it's usually quiet after lunchtime and wouldn't be much for atmosphere. Sit in the lounge if you are solo.

        You're also not too far from Chinatown and there's a mile long list of places to eat there if you are so inclined!!

        1. Buchanan's is a short walk west, corner of 3rd Ave and 7th St. Great steaks, chops, fish and the biggest selection of Single Malts that I have seen.

          1. Try Ki it's a modern Japanese restaurant. it's beside The Keg