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Dec 13, 2011 08:46 AM

Duck in the Metro

Can anyone point me to to a source for 4-6 pound duck (organic/free range better) suitable for roasting in the 'Cities. Center city preferred as I am just doing some business before returning to Duluth. We want to try the crispy skinned duck recipe in this week's Times.

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  1. I got one from Farm on Wheels at the St. Paul farmers market. This time of year I would call ahead and order one, then pick it up at the farmers market on saturday.

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      I am usually in the 'Cities during the work week so while a good idea, not something I can easily do.

    2. There were whole ducks at Mississippi Market in the freezer case when I was there last week. Seward co-op has had them around the holidays in the past as well.

      1. Any of the co-ops would order you one and as had been mentioned, they do have them in the freezer case sometimes.
        Lunds/Byerlys has (commerically rasied) ducks in their frozen meat case.
        If you are not big into duck cookery, be aware that there is a HUGE difference between the co-op, presumably pasture raised duck and supermarket duck. After cooking one of each on the same occasion, I would not say they are interchangeable. And a wild shot duck is the same deal x2. Completely different than both of the other two. Of course, YMMV.

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          So what did you like? I assume the Co-op duck was preferable but you dont sa. Also, what made the better (or different) duck better (more different).

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            Neither the co-op duck or the supermarket duck were gamey. The wild shot duck was what I would call fairly gamey tasting with a totally different size and meat/fat/bone profile, I assume due in no small part to the fact that it's a different species of duck--mallard vs. muscovy which is what I think most farmed ducks are. Anyway, I don't have a ton of wild bird eating experience to have much to compare it to but I'm sure it's an acquired and probably addictive taste.
            The co-op duck had a lot more flavor than the supermarket duck but was also tougher, less meaty and much more sturdily built (based on identical cooking methods, which was cofit'd legs and thighs and seared breasts cooked to med-rare). All things you'd expect from pastured vs. not.
            As far as what is better, taste-wise, I think it depends on what you like or what your expectation is when you think of duck. I would guess for most people that falls closer to the supermarket duck than the wild shot duck with the co-op duck being somewhere in between. I guess I can say I was not crazy about the wild shot duck and am not in a hurry to cook or eat that again, but that I did prefer the co-op duck to the supermarket one and have that in rotation for special event meals/parties. It was A LOT more expensive, if that matters--like x3.

        2. We recently got one from Clancey's in LInden Hills. It was delicious.

          1. You beat me to this post. Looked at Lunds and they seem overpriced. Whole Foods only has injected ducks, which I found quite odd. Will check out the co-ops and check out Clancy's. There is nothing like the taste of a real wild duck, and I haven't had one in years. But I'll settle for domesticated am looking to make Duck a L'Orange this year and want smaller ducks that I can cut in half for a fab presentation.