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Dec 13, 2011 08:34 AM

Northern Suburbs

Looking for a great foodie experience in the Northern Suburbs (in and around Highland Park).

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  1. Two of the very best (and most interesting/creative) restaurants in the entire Chicago area are nearby.

    Just south of Highland Park is Michael, in Winnetka. I eat at a lot of different restaurants in the city and suburbs; Michael is one of the few places I keep going back to. At least three of the six best meals I've eaten in the Chicago area in the past five years were at Michael. I've posted several reports in the topic at

    A bit north of Highland Park is Inovasi, in Lake Bluff. Chef is creating some mighty fine food there, as well. As an added bonus, it's remarkably inexpensive. I've posted reports in the topic at

    Highland Park itself has four new upscale restaurants: Second Street Bistro, Abigail's, M, and Benjamin. I have not yet been to the first two. I had a very nice lunch at M last week. I had dinner at Benjamin last month and I do not recommend it; the food was just okay and the service was lacking.

    Other places in and near Highland Park that are worth mentioning include Carlos (Highland Park, fine dining, will be re-concepting after New Year's); Cafe Central (Highland Park, French bistro); Froggy's (Highwood, French bistro); Gabriel's (Highwood, Italian/French); and the Curry Hut (Highwood, Indian).

    429 Temple Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035

    310 Green Bay Rd, Highwood, IL 60040

    64 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, IL 60093

    Cafe Central
    455 Central Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035

    Froggy's French Cafe
    306 Green Bay Rd, Highwood, IL 60040

    Curry Hut
    410 Sheridan Rd Ste 1, Highwood, IL 60040

    Inovasi Restaurant
    28 E. Center Ave, Lake Bluff, IL 60044

    1849 2nd St., Highland Park, IL 60035

    M Restaurant
    675 Central Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035

    493 Roger Williams Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035

    Second Street Bistro
    1825 2nd St, Highland Park, IL 60035

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      Thanks for the info. I ended up driving downtown to the Girl and the Goat. Amazing. I will check out M for lunch.