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Dec 13, 2011 08:22 AM

Houston in March

I will be in Houston on a guided trip, staying at the Four Seasons. I need dinner recommendations for one night. Our included dinners will be at Quattro in the hotel and at Mark's. No food restrictions.
Thanks, Karen.

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  1. Likes, dislikes, pricing? More data needed! What is your guided trip about? Interesting....

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    1. re: Lambowner

      I'm an eclectic foodie and price is not an issue unless overpriced. I would like good food at good value. Thanks.

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        I'm an eclectic foodie, except for southern foods like chitterlings and pork, and price is not an issue unless overpriced. I would like good food at good value. Thanks

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          My trip is with the Art Institute of Chicago and will concentrate on art and architecture in Houston. All the main venues, and some smaller ones, are covered. We will have dinner at Quattro in the 4 Seasons where we are staying, a dinner at a private home, and the farewell dinner at Mark's. This leaves one night free, hence my request for restaurant recommendations.

        2. My three recs would be Hugo's, Indika, or Feast (although not sure if you would want Feast if chitterlings aren't your thing). All great, and different -- Hugo's is top-notch Mexican (Mex-Mex, not Tex-Mex), Indika is modern Indian (the venison and veggie dishes are my faves), and Feast is nose-to-tail cooking (and serves my favorite escargots in Houston).

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            I consistently wow out of town visitors who are looking to be wow'ed with Hugos, its elevated mexican cuisine is so unique to Houston.

            Hugos has the added advantage that you can start with before-dinner drinks an Anvil (google it!), then walk the 100 or so yards down the street (Westheimer) to Hugos for dinner.

            1. re: bemocked

              I shall put Hugo's on my I wanna be Wowed list. Thank you, bemocked!

          2. Just thought of one more -- Reef does gulf coast seafood, and I've always had great meals there. But it gets mixed reviews on this board, so take with a grain of salt! I personally would go for one of the first three over Reef (but wanted to throw it out there for variety).

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            1. re: mjust

              mjust, see my last post to Lambowner. And thanks.

              1. re: Karen1440

                Agreed on Feast, that is a food experience that is unique as well as of utterly superior quality. It's not a menu that's easy to find. Think St. John's in London. They offer great fish dishes in addition to the pork dishes you don't like. The menu changes daily so you can check after 11a.m. on the day you are dining out to see if it appeals. As for Indika, it used to be one of our absolute favorites, but last time we were there it approached the dreaded "overpriced" in that the value just wasn't there. I had 3 TINY lamb chops (two biters) for around $20. I'm also not fond of Mark's although it seems to be the go-to restaurant for many. Brennan's of Houston is always a great time with fantastic Gulf Coast seafood. Let us know what you decided on and how it delivered!

                1. re: Lambowner

                  I don't have an option with Mark's. Thanks for the recommendations; they go into my trip folder.

                  1. re: Karen1440

                    Just remembered two new restaurants in town that are getting lots of love: Phillipe and Brasserie 19. I've been to Phillipe, and he delivered.

            2. If Underbelly is open by March, I'd add that to the list.

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              1. re: Bulldozer

                Done! And Thanks. And Happy New Year to you all.

                1. re: Karen1440

                  OK. Again I want to thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately, we arrived back later at the hotel than planned after quite a full day and were exhausted. Ended up having small plates in the bar suggested by the owner and the chef of Quattro at the 4 Seasons. We did not have our last dinner at Mark's as I previously posted, but a French restaurant far from downtown and whose name I can't remember. I think it started with an M......husband and wife. Good. Thanks again. Great art in Houston.

                  1. re: Karen1440

                    "...a French restaurant far from downtown and whose name I can't remember. I think it started with an M......husband and wife."

                    Le Mistral? Link:

                    Not husband and wife though. Brothers.

                    1. re: DoobieWah

                      I'm pretty sure Bistro Provence is run by a husband and wife team ... but that doesn't start with an "M"!

                      1. re: DoobieWah

                        That's it! There was a wife (?), a blonde lady helping us in the banquet room. I recommend.

                        1. re: Karen1440

                          Bistro Provence is tiny and banquet-room-less. Sounds like Stacy and Scott Simonson, owners of Chez Nous in Humble by the Intercontinental airport. Supposed to be one of the best restaurants in the area, although I have yet to try it. Stacy is blonde and the chef.

                          1. re: Lambowner

                            Nope, it's Le Mistral. Chef is male. The blonde was the arranger for our group. My next adventure is Vetri in Philadephia next Sarurday. I am flying in overnight to see the VanGogh exhibit and will spend Sunday at the art museum

                            1. re: Karen1440

                              Also a great choice. Enjoy Philly!

                              1. re: Karen1440

                                Here's a recent interview with the co-owner/exec chef, David Denis of Le Mistral.