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Dec 13, 2011 07:29 AM

Trying to find a Used Paella Pan for Group Camping

Each year we do a group camping trip which includes one night of "non-traditional" camp cooking.
Examples would be Chicken Parm, with LInguinie Alfredo from scratch, Beef Brisket with three types of marinade, etc..

This year we would like to attempt Paella. I would love to track down an actual Paella pan in the 20" to 26" range. Approximately 20-25 campers.

I don't need a new one since it's probably only going to be used once over an open campfire. It can be somewhat beat up / dented charred or whatever as long as it is useable.

So if anyone is looking to upgrade their pan or know of anyone getting rid of one can you let me know.


Just a note: I've seen the ones at La Tienda, The Spanish Table,

I am also in Ontario, Canada (in case of shipping)

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  1. Here in the Twin Cities, speciality cookware, although I don't know if a large paella pan is included, is frequently available to rent from the rent all places. I just checked my local rental center's products on-line and they apparently do not have a big paella pan. I bet if they thought they could rent it out they would acquire one however. It does not hurt to ask.

    Edit: I checked online for paella pans and found them to be quite reasonable. Your post has inspired me to look into getting one. (Although I would probably try making paella in the 15" cast iron skillet we already have).

    Here is a link (a 24" pan is $65 and shipping another $12 to Minnesota, I don't know what it would cost to ship to your location).

    1. Might be easier to buy new and resell when you are done with it.

      1. Thanks. I ended up purchasing from creative cooking online. Quick shipping and worked great. Here is a photo of my campfire paella.

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        1. Bien hecho, Caballero. How was it received?

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          1. re: paul balbin

            Thanks. A few of the campers have said it was the best camping meal ever.
            One who had been to Spain, said it was comparable to what they had there. That was a great compliment. I was very satisfied with how it turned out.

            And no leftovers...