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Dec 13, 2011 07:20 AM

Gastronomy; Southfield [DTW]

Something to look forward to in the new year ... Matt is opening a new restaurant in the olde Morton's location:

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  1. i like how he says that the building is not a good location and the economy is still tough. add that morton's could not make a go of it there. maybe not the greatest idea to open a place there. but you can do that when you are playing with other people's money.

    the article says jaime jeffry is going to be the difference, but it does not say anything about him. google his name - he is coming from table in midland. i have not been there, but i recall hearing some good things about it.

    1. Isn't Prentice a better Cook than businessman?

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        RedTop, I think that is the case!

        We used to frequent many of his restaurants. When he owned only a couple restaurants he was very hands on and you would see him regularly at each restaurant. As he added more and more restaurants the quality of food seemed to suffer.

        There is no doubt he is a talented chef but translating that into managing a successful group of restaurants is not an easy feat!

        I wish him the best in this endeavor but I think it's a horrible location. I can't wait to check out the menu!