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Dec 13, 2011 07:00 AM

Under $100 for two on the picks??

Heading to Vegas in late January for probably about the 10th time but looking for less expensive choices than usual. The $100 for two should include:

2 entrees
1-2 drinks each
tax and tip.

I know there's no real "value" on the strip by now but but we want to stay on the strip this time - also have done LOS the last three trips so that's not being considered. Any type of food, just nothing boring! Oh, and please no suggestions for Grand Lux Cafe/Cheesecake Factory.

Some current ideas:

-Julian Serrano (went to e last trip - know this won't be the same but thought it might be a solid pick - will it fit within our budget??)
-BLT Burger/Burger Bar, etc.
-Charlie Palmer Cut of the Week (with tax/tip we know it will be over $100 a tad but will spend extra $ if worth it)

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  1. Just realized e was in Jaleo, not Julian Serrano (too early in the am!) so should we consider that too?

    Any restaurant ideas would be great or feedback on the places we're considering.

    1. Maybe Tod English P.U.B. at Crystals/Aria

      1. Had a great meal at Joes Stone Crab (sans stone crab) for around that.

        1. We have been to Canaletto's in the Venetian a few times and liked it a lot. It's a small chain but the first few times we went we didn't even know that. Honestly, we went to Bouchon for our anniversary and were sorry we wasted the money there because we like Canalettos better.

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            Canaletto is part of the Il Fornaio chain.

          2. Postrio in the Venetian. Also PJ Clarkes in the Forum Shops. PJ Clarkes burger is better than anything you can get at Burger Bar/BLT Burger. China Poblano is another solid choice. I felt the Mexican food was better than the Chinese food they served. The tacos are pretty awesome.