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Dec 12, 2011 10:07 PM

Where to buy kohlrabi?

I was wondering if anyone know who might carry kohlrabi in Seattle. I'm just looking a for a way not to drive around town looking for some. Any leads would be welcome.

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  1. Uwajimaya probably has it.

    1. H-Mart is another possibility.

      1. Gee, I think it's readily available in any well-stocked produce department in the larger grocery stores. Have you called your local grocery stores? I know I have seen it in Whole Foods and QFC. Maybe others as well.

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          I sort of assumed any market should have it as well, but an online search showed neither Safeway nor Albertson's do. I'd think the larger produce sections at the more expensive places (Central Market, PCC, WF, etc) should have it, as well as the Asian stores, which usually have more unusual items.

        2. I've seen it at the asian market at oaktree plaza (105th & Aurora-ish), Uwajimaya (downtown), PCC on aurora, Whole Foods on Roosevelt, and Ken's Market on Greenwood (which seems kind of odd because it's so small, they probably don't carry it all the time).

          1. Check the farmers' markets. Kohlrabi is on the Ripe and Ready list for this week, of course that's always a "best guess".