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Dec 12, 2011 08:27 PM

Bourdain in Miami

Did anyone catch this episode of The Layover? What did you think of his Miami Recs and Choices??

where would YOU recc hitting with only a day or two in Miami?

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  1. Dang!! Forgot all about this! Got caught up in watch Fear Factor folks devour scorpions and grab beef hearts in their mouth, LOLO. Shades of Andy S. But not to worry, it'll be repeated gazillions of times in the next few weeks. In general I'll say that many of his recs are very good, but some are definitely producer pushed and may not be your cup of tea.

      1. Boy, Bourdain is harder and harder to take, he's just so full of himself.

        They had an obvious big plug for his friend from Michael's Genuine. Then he had some disgusting (IMO) looking hot dogs at some dive place in NMB. One concoction was with whipped cream (ugh!) and pineapple on the dog!!

        And he spent so much time in that dive bar on South Beach that he never talked about some places BETTER than Michaels (IMO) like Michy's, Sra. Martinez, Sugarcane, and Chef Adrienne's.

        Bourdain is getting worn out, time to give him a break.

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        1. re: menton1

          i think the main issue was he spent too much time talking about sitting around by the pool at his hotel!

          what i would have thought from this episode if i wasnt FROM SoFl is while in Miami I should:
          1) Get a tattoo
          2) eat disgusting hotdogs
          3) not leave my hotel for anything else

          this was the only episode of the layover so far where tony has actually recc not leaving the hotel. was really disappointing

          1. re: mattstolz

            It's a shame that this episode had to air. It was an awful look at this area. I'm sure that anyone who watched it that has never visited South Beach would never want to come.
            Shame on the producers to show our beautiful area in such a bad light.
            All the food shown was not a good representation of south Florida except for Garcias. What were they thinking?

        2. Why did they have to showcase all the nasty looking freaks and the diner with the gross looking canned gravy? We have beautiful people and fresh food.

          Even then, Layover Miami was far better than No Reservations Miami.

          1. I thought it was funny that he went on and on in the beginning about South Florida being so diverse and "the gateway to Latin America" and then managed to hang out with white dudes the whole time. His food choices were pretty poor and I thought he more mocked the city as a place that was weird enough to have interesting experiences but most of those experiences were ho-hum.