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Dec 12, 2011 07:18 PM

ISO: Best salami in Toronto

a relative loves salami. Really loves it. I was hoping to find a sausage to make this a most excellent Christmas for him. Any suggestions? It certainly doesn't have to be Italian. Thanks!

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  1. Easton's in Kensington.

    Fiesta Farms sells a summer sausage by mennonite farmers, Monforte dairy farmers market stand also sells the same one. In Fiesta, It's located at the back meat fridge, close to where the refrigerated pickles are. This is a personal fav, they're about $20ish a sausage.

    1. for eastern european style: yummy market on dufferin south of finch, or starsky foods

      1. Brandt Meats. Try the factory store in Mississauga. None fresher.

        1. Perls if it were still around *Cry*

          1. I think I like the Italian style best.. Any recommendations for that style? Maybe even something with some spice to it

            And on that note, I wonder what the differences are between Genoa Salami, Sopressata Salami, and so on.

            Another kind that's really good is the "dry" kind, like Cacciatore. California Sandwiches is now selling house made dry cured salami like mentioned above and it's pretty good but lacking in heat IMO

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              There's a spicy salami that I love that I buy at Nortown and Bruno's (and I think I've bought it at Loblaw's before). It's shaped like a flower and comes in regular and spicy versions. I'll have to look up the name next time I see it. It's not artisanal, so not really something you'd buy as a gift for someone, but it's really awesome on a Bagel House bagel with some good mustard. :)