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Dec 12, 2011 06:57 PM

Alamitos Bay Marina Eats and Drinks

Hello Hounds,

I have a specific need to fill for this weekend. Going with a large group, with an array of palates, dietary restrictions, and wallet size, to do a one-hour hydro-bike tour of Naples at 5:00. We take off and leave from Los Alamitos Bay Landing.

We have an array wallets and drinking habits, so will have to be Full Bar and <$40 pp.

I'm looking for two contingency options. One is that people come back tired and hungry and low blood sugar and want food and drink NOW! If that's the case, what's the best option a short walk from the landing, between, say, River's End Cafe and Joe's Crab Pot? (There are various "Bilgey Barnacle" type places; any recs? Is The Crab Pot, right there, edible?)

Second contingency is people arent' starving and want to drive over near the 2nd St. bridge, eat, and then maybe stroll to get a closer look at Xmas light displays after, without re-parking. For that, I'm thinking Naples Rib Co. or maybe Russo's?

Thoughts appreciated.

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  1. McKenna's on the Bay is on Alamitos Bay. The food is reasonably good and certainly better than the Crab Pot or other nearby restaurants. I think you can get by with $40 per person but you may want to hunt down their menu to make sure of the cost.

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    1. re: Ringo Gato

      Thanks, Ringo, but McKenna's comes out at $$$ on Yelp: "$31-61, with one drink, before tax and tip..." and as "romantic, classy."

      I'm talking ten slightly sweaty, hungry, thirsty people, after an hour's hydro-bike, who still like decent food, in between two adventures.

      1. re: jesstifer

        Michael's Pizza -- the fancier-than-your-average neighborhood pie joint but, far less stuffy offshoot of its parent neighbor Michael's -- might just be the tasty, pragmatic and reasonable option you seek. We love the spot: It's runner up only to Slice of NY in Seal Beach for our favorite pizza in the area. The menu -- antipasti, insalate, pizze, a few "cast iron" dishes (the roasted squash with ricotta and honey is a must) and desserts is small but, superior quality.

        On the topic of Seal Beach, if your crew is willing to huff it from Alamitos Landing across the river to downtown Seal Beach (if you guys take the beach route to the pier, the scenery makes for a better walk) Beachwood BBQ on Main is always great fun with a group and, depending on what you drink, is well within your crew's price range.

        1. re: Kris P Pata

          Kris, alas, unless Yelp is wrong, Michael's Pizza is beer and wine only, and full bar is a must with this group. Huffing it, also not an option, as we'll be doing plenty of huffing before and after. Hence my dilemma. ;-)

    2. I think the River's End has a pretty limited menu and I would not even bother with Joe's (a mediocre chain). In Seal Beach you might want to try 320 Main, however it's kind of small so if your group is really big that probably won't work. They specialize in cocktails and the food is also tasty. I think you could get by for $40 pp.

      In Long Beach, the best Christmas lights are in Naples on the canals. Personally, I can't recommend any of the restaurants on 2nd street in Naples. I've only been to Naples Rib Co but I found it very average. However, there's tons of stuff on 2nd street in Belmont Shore. I went to Boubouffe a month ago and was pretty impressed and I think it has a full-bar. Depending on what day you are going, there are coupons on for the restaurant.

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