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Dec 12, 2011 06:50 PM

REAL Italian Bakery in Altanta?

I am a ex-New Yorker and I am dying for some real italian butter cookies and crumb cake for the holidays!

Does anyone know of a italian bakery here in Atlanta that makes butter cookies ( with the jelly in the middle and half dunked in chocolate)?

Please help!



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  1. Not sure what part of Atlanta you are in, but have you tried Alpine Bakery in the Roswell/Crabapple area (technically, it's an Alpharetta address)?

    Alpine Bakery and Trattoria
    12315 Crabapple Road
    Alpharetta, GA, 30004

    They started out as a bakery and then started doing pizza. They recently moved down the street from their original location and now have a nice sit down restaurant with full Italian restaurant menu. They still have the full bakery and do their baking on premises. Every cake we've ever gotten from them has been great. Also, they make very good pizza and excellent calzones/strombolis. I know the family is Italian. You can try calling to see if they make the butter cookies you are seeking.

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    1. I don't know for sure, but E 48th St Market in Dunwoody would be a good place to try.

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          Threes s brand new bakery in orchard park stripbin dunwoody next to cvs. They had cannolis