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Dec 12, 2011 06:22 PM

Seeking Recommendations for Lunch in Toledo

I'm looking for recommendations for lunch in Toldeo that would have good roast suckling pig (cochinillo asador), lamb (cordero), and/or game meats like wild boar and venison. It also has to be baby friendly since we will have our 1-year old with us. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Although my choices did not approach the exalted quality I've enjoyed at the asadores of Segovia, for example, we had a good traditional lunch at Hostal del Cardenal, which is also a hotel:

    There were plenty of families with children when we ate there, at a Sunday lunch a few years back. As you know, partridge is a Toledo specialty and they offer all the typical roast meats as well.

    Here is the carta; as you can see, they also offer children's menus:

    1. Adolfo or La Perdiz (same group) are both highly reliable...
      All restaurants in Spain are baby friendly! You will be lucky if you manage that BB does not disappear in the kitchen with one of the staff.

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        I was in Toledo last year and had one of the best meals of my life for lunch at Adolfo. We allowed the head waiter and the owner's son to feed us and select our wines, cheeses, deserts etc. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Afterwards they showed us around their ancient wine cellar and gave us some house made candy.

      2. I haven't been yet but I have Locum on my short-list. Guess what's on the menu for Carnes?
        'Wild boar with blood sausage and apricot cream'
        'Venison loin with eggplant'
        and of course, 'Suckling pig'

        Spanish restaurants are usually child-friendly, especially if you have a friendly child. "You will be lucky if you manage that BB does not disappear in the kitchen with one of the staff." ha ha. My son disappeared into the kitchen of Alkimia in Barcelona 2 yrs ago. He was an 11yo 'baby' with a camera. From the pictures they took, I could tell they had a good time in there.

        Other names on my short list are La Abadia and Apotheca but I'm not sure if the menu satisfies your requirements.

        I was just reading about Adolfo's new restaurant in Madrid!

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          I had very good cordero at Asador Palencia de Lara. I can't speak to lunch as I was only there for dinner, we also had a venison appetizer that was pretty good.

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            just back to the hotel after lunch at Asador Palencia de Lara--very very nice experience, thanksf o the tip.

        2. I spent the day in Toledo (4/13/12) and had lunch by the El Greco museum. Restaurant Cafeteria Carolvs. Good solid meal. The wife and I shared the $20 menu del dia. She had the fish soup, a nice big tasty bowl with a good stock. I had the Perdiz and it was surprisingly good. A whole bird roasted then placed in a shallow dish with a broth of mostly onion. The fries they dumped into the broth ruined them. Kids shared salad and pasta. For dessert my son had the chocolate pudding that came in a plastic cup that appeared to have just had the foil removed and whipped cream squirted on it. Had I known I would have gone with the creme catalan I saw at the other tables. The crowd was a mix of Spanish and non Spanish speakers. When we said we wanted to split the menu del dia the waiter didn't even blink, so kudos to the wait staff.