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Dec 12, 2011 06:20 PM

Bisphenol A/BPA in canned goods: are you concerned?

First, I am primarily interested in the responses of people who use canned goods. My question is: if you use canned goods either regularly or sporadically has recent articles regarding BPAs effected your usage? I like canned legumes and tuna but, rarely get to my Co-op or Whole Foods to look for BPA free alternatives. Though I am concerned I feel the studies aren't very conclusive. What are other canned good consumers thinking about this topic?

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  1. We've basically gotten rid of all canned goods in our life except for canned tuna and canned tomatoes. We do buy Eden's canned beans, because they are in BPA free cans, and we regularly write to other canned goods MFGRS to ask that they please stop lining cans with BPA. It is OUTLAWED in Europe. The only reason it's not here is because of all the power that these companies have with lobbying our government, and I think eventually the safety concerns will be so obvious that they will outlaw it here too, but in the meantime, it's something I try to keep to a very, very minimal exposure.

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      we also try to eat only Eden organics canned beans.

    2. I am very concerned because this study coincides with a specifc, potentially related health concern for one of my kids. And as it happens I had been feeding them a fair amount of canned soup :(. I can rid our diet of that easily but I don't know how to cook without canned tomatoes, especially in the winter - stews and curries are my standbys! It also occured to me that jarred tomato sauce is probably made with canned tomatoes. Sigh.

        1. Yes, but not that much. We use canned goods sparodically.

          If you are worried about legumes, I have recently started cooking them in big batches and freezing in small portions so I always have some on hand.

          1. Bisphenol has been link to panic attacks in lab rats.

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              Yikes, their jobs (the rats) would give me panic attacks.