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Blue Mountain/ Collingwood Lunch, Dinner Options?

Will be spending a long weekend in January in the area and was hoping for some unique and local options. Anything where an adventurous andcompletely non-picky four year old would be happy, would be appreciated aswell. Also ,we will have a kitchenette, so any cool shops (cheese, bakery, etc.) would be great aswell.
Thanks in advance

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  1. Go into Thornbury. Great bakery's , coffee
    Shops and cheese shop. Sisi's , the mill, all really decent food

    1. For lunch you MUST visit Ravenna Country Market, which is only a 10 minute drive from Thornbury (20 minute drive from Collingwood). Their lunches and baked goods are great! Very unique.

      Thornbury Bakery Cafe is also good for lunch as another posted has said. A cute cheese shop is right across the street. Bridges in Thornbury is also real good.

      For breakfast/lunch in Collingwood Cafe Chartreuse is a great option. They also sell lots of their yummy baked goods, breads and also cheeses.

      Dags & Willows in Collingwood for more cheese and artisanal fare.

      Green Mango Tree in Collingwood has beautiful Thai food. Rockdell Tavern has amazing steaks and chops and stuff, very reasonably priced. Better steaks than I've had at high end steak places in Toronto. Also a unique spot.

      All of these places are kid-friendly.

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        Just want to re-confirm my undying love for Ravenna Country Market.

        If in the Blue Mountain area please go. Soups are the best I've ever had. Killer baked treats. Cute as hell shop. Great people running it. Go.

      2. Anything new up at the mountain that's worth checking out? We're doing a Bruce Peninsula trip and will be stopping here first.

        We ski up here in the winter so fairly familiar with the dismal food situation. Rusty's BBQ was a standby but it's been terribly inconsistent on recent visits.

        3 Guys and a Stove was also a standby but has been replaced with Magnone's Italian Kitchen. The stinky Irish Pub has a new name too. I've only had drinks there but by stinky I mean that they have a mould issue or some problem that makes the place smell odd.

        Anyone had experience with these newish places up there?

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          Dismal food situation?? That area is a foodie haven!! The variety of local producers and good spots to eat are undeniable. Not to mention the wonderful farmer's markets.....

          The places you've mentioned are all at Intrawest. It's like eating near the Rogers Centre when visiting Toronto - they're tourist spots. Not much substance that I'm aware of.

          In addition to the places I've mentioned (all of which I still highly recommend), you could try Bridges Tavern or The Dam Pub (both in Thornbury), Ashanti for coffee and pastries, and Curries for yummy baked treats and farmstand produce. There are lots of farmstands along Highway 26. All of them awesome.

          There is also Tremont Cafe, The Hungry Sumo, Cabin, Nick’s Great Italian Take-Out located at the Hasty Market in the Cranberry Mews, Harbour Street Fish Bar, Duncan's, and Pure Organic Food & Juice Bar. I've been to none of these but have heard good things.

          My top 3 suggestions are Ravenna Country Market, Rockdell Tavern, and Green Mango Tree for Thai better than I've had at most places in Toronto. All are gems. Ravenna Country Market is a beautiful spot to boot.

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            Thanks for the tips Magic! We will check some of those out during ski season. The other half was more up for sacrificing food quality for the ability to have cocktails in the village and not drive so we ended up doing that.

            First night we went to Oliver & Bonicini up at the Westin. Like the other O&B places we've been to in the city it was enjoyable but nothing particularly special. Second night we returned to Rusty's and had some decent pub food including a particularly awesome pulled pork.

            I have a misguided dream that the Blue village will turn a food corner eventually. Excellent food can be found in other Intrawest (or former Intrawest) villages including Whistler and to a lesser extent Tremblant, so hope they make it there at some point.

            1. re: abigllama

              No problem!

              Yeah for good food up there you'll have to get the other half to venture beyond Front St. ;)

              But it's very much there.

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                Hey magic - I'm heading up with my kids next week to visit a friend who has a place near Kimberley. Anywhere I can make a stop along the way (i.e. not far off the highway - 10 north/89 west) for a quick lunch? Maybe somewhere between Orangeville and Shelburne? Thanks.

                1. re: peppermint pate

                  The only places that come to mind on Hwy 10 in that area are 3 places I've never been to (as I don't usually stop around there):

                  Champ Burger
                  Steven's BBQ Restaurant

                  Also, there's a Subway. Johnny's Pizza as well, at Hwys. 89/124 near Shelburne - but again, I've never been.

                  On Highway 10 there is also Flapjack's, but that is just south of Orangeville. They were recently featured on You Gotta Eat Here (along with a couple other Orangeville spots) but I've never been myself. They aren't open every day, might want to look into their hours....

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                    Thanks magic. Now Flapjack's brings back memories - I used to go to Flapjack's, at least a decade ago, for great pancakes. But I could have sworn they closed - do you know if it's the same place?

                    1. re: peppermint pate

                      I know very little about it. Just that I've been driving past this buliding for the past 5 years and they keep lunch/brekky hours so it's always closed when I drive by. From what I hear, they still make good food.

                        1. re: magic

                          Haven't tried it, or the BBQ place. Hubby hung up on Superburger for nostalgia reasons and kids like eating in the old streetcar. After my last particularly bad visit (have to ask for napkins from the counter staff as they dont have any out, nor salt packs for their terrible unsalted fries) - I'm REALLY hoping to never go back. Current owners are cheaping out over the place and the food already sucked.

                          1. re: julesrules

                            Then I shall stay away. People always said one of those spots was good and one was bad. I guess Superburger is the crummy one.

                          2. re: magic

                            Champs is better. They are not making it up when they say its where the locals eat :) My inlaws live in the area.

                            1. re: Otonabee

                              Thanks! Ok.

                              Better than Super Burger, but worth the calories??

                  2. re: abigllama

                    Just an update Magic's suggestions are all solid. We have family in Thornbury and The Dam Pub is a current favourite.

                    If you are stuck in the village or don't feel like driving, Magnone's is the best bet. We've had 3 meals there going back to the last ski season and really enjoyed all of it. The house made sausage is awesome so any dish involving that is good. Also the Chicken Parmesan is fantastic.

                    The pizza is good, but on the small side. We've split one as an appetizer but not sure if it would hold up as a main. It's a similar style to Buca in Toronto.

                    It's a bit overpriced, like everything else up there, but it's our current favourite in the village.

                    1. re: abigllama

                      Good to know about Magnone's. Will have to give that a try.

                      Love The Dam Pub.

                      1. re: abigllama

                        If you are going to that area on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Haisei in Singhampton is open for lunch and dinner (no dinner Sunday). Hard to imagine better food in the area.

                2. I finally tried Swiss Canadian in Collingwood right on Hwy 26. Not bad! Very old school, more of a deli/bakery with seating than a proper restaurant - things are reheated rather tahn cooked to order. Great Homemade soup. European sweets that aren't terribly sweet, eclairs with real whipped cream (but not great chocolate).

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                  1. re: julesrules

                    Funny, I've been going to Collingwood for many many years and I don't think I've ever been.

                    Thanks for the report, might have to drop in.

                    1. re: magic

                      I suspect it's daytime/lunch only, not a dinner place.

                      1. re: magic

                        If anyone is heading up to Thornbury or Blue Mountain Area check out Bruce Wine Bar Kitchen. Delish! Lovely dowstairs space too.