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Dec 12, 2011 04:33 PM

Maimonide of Brooklyn

Maimonide of Brooklyn, the new vegetarian fast food joint on Atlantic from the owner of Paris' Mama Shelter, is now handing out comic book "menus". The place looks gorgeous, if a bit over the top. (There's a sort of Native American-ish throne at the back of the dining room.)

Anyways, here's what the comic book touts as the menu (it's a direct quote of the book, I hope that doesn't step on anyone's toes):

* A selection of 24 MOB's -- What's a MOB? It's a secret dough shaped like the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge and topped with vegetables, fruit, & seasoning that is wholesome for your body
* 100% vegetable nuggets with soy proteins
* Our 'Energy Bar' - a fig, date, hazelnut & almond sausage
* "Steam makes the donut dough rise" (I assume that means healthy-ish doughnuts?)
* Corn soup with popcorn in memory of the Native Americans who used to grow corn on Boerum Hill in Brooklyn

Anyone heard anything else?

Oops, wanted to update with the website:

Maimonide of Brooklyn
525 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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  1. This is one seriously weird vanity project. We ate there last night, mostly because of the decor--which is truly cool. The two servers were really enthusiastic, possibly more than was warranted by the food. After we ordered, we received comic books drawn by the owner to read. Hard to say what they were about exactly, but the owner stars as a cartoon version of himself.

    Anyway, the food was not bad. We are not vegan or vegetarian, though recently hosted a visiting vegan and so can compare Maimonide's food to others (eg Candle 79 in Manhattan). The appetizers were pretty good. The corn soup was sweet, creamy and tasty. The yucca fries were fine, and the spicy ketchup was just right. The vegetarian "saucisson" with mushrooms and other things was decently rich, textural and umami-ish, and the bread and mustard/aioli with it were very good. (But it was pricey with just a few small slices of the "sausage" for $7.)

    The MOBs were odd. It seems strange to build such a cool-looking restaurant around what are essentially open-faced sandwiches. DH's "Iron Man" with kale & shiitake was pretty tasty (assuming you enjoy open-faced vegetable sandwiches)--plenty of garlic and aioli helped it out. My "Aphrodisiac", on the other hand, with mashed celery root, asparagus and toasted almonds was unappetizing brown, mostly tasteless moosh with some grilled asparagus on top. (The server chirped, "oh, the Aphrodisiac is yummy, huh?" as I pushed it unenthusiastically around my plate.)

    Anyway, the food felt healthy and not weirdly weighed down with too much nuts & oil, which I had found to be the case at other vegan places. It will be interesting to see if it succeeds.

    Maimonide of Brooklyn
    525 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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    1. re: chowbie

      Does anyone know if this place is kosher?

      1. re: JenTX

        Good question. I know Traif isn't. Nor is Kutcher's.

        1. re: famdoc

          Yeah those definitely aren't but I was wondering if this place is - it sounds so cool!

          1. re: JenTX

            There is no hashgacha certificate in the window.

              1. re: JenTX

                Call them. Being vegan (no meat, no dairy) it's hard to believe that their kitch, dishes and anything they serve is not Kosher. This is not my expertise, however, so you should check with them.

                1. re: bobjbkln

                  They don't have any kosher certification, and I believe they're Jewish-owned and open on the Sabbath.