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Dec 12, 2011 04:26 PM

Schnitzel+ Teaneck????

Has anyone been there? How is it?

Cannot seem to find anything online about them. No menu, no website.

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    1. The question really is which is better, Schnitzel + or Chickies? Both offer various schnitzel-based sandwiches and wraps. The plusses for Schnitzel +: It is efficient. I placed an order, received a number and my order was ready in three minutes. By contrast, I have waited in Chickies for 40+ minutes while surrounded by chaos. It is clean and spacious with much more seating than at Chickies. There are a few non-schnitzel items on the menu. Also, you can choose from additions to your sandwich such as avocado and roasted pepper.

      Plusses for Chickies: The sandwiches are better - more flavorful, and considerably larger for the same price. My sandwich from Schnitzel + had one piece of chicken; the typical Chickies sandwich is made from three. Most disturbing, my schnitzel at Schnitzel + was undercooked (maybe that is why it was ready so quickly?) and the breaded coating fell off in the sandwich. That has never happened to my with a Chickies sandwich. Also, Chickies has wings which are usually pretty good (inconsitently so, however). Fries at Schnitzel + were too hard and oily.

      On balance, while I love a speedy, clean operation, taste wins for me when I am indulging in an unhealthy sandwich. Sticking with Chickies.

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      1. re: Kosher Critic

        Walked into Shcnitzel+ yesterday and nothing really looked all that good to me. I am very picky about food mind you.

        I ended up taking out from Persian Grill for dinner. Now why is that place always empty? The food is great and the owner is really nice. Discuss...

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          You have my vote for Chickies. Often stop there on the way back to South Jersey. They will give you what amounts to a huge sandwhich with all the fixins ( separately boxed and bagged if you're traveling) for a reasonable tab and the schnitzel is cooked just right and tasty. Calling the order in advance is highly recommended for the reasons stated above.

          1. re: Kosher Critic

            Well my experience at Chickies was watching the cook use the same gloved hand to handle raw and cooked chicken, whereas the system at Schnitzel+ separates raw and cooked prep areas so cross contamination is less likely. It is also cleaner, has seating and I found the food quite good, not at all undercooked. Schnitzel+ gets my vote for food safety, cleanliness and a pleasant place to eat.

          2. Schnitzel plus has my vote hands down. The schnitzel is excellent but with all the +'s it keeps me coming back ! There schnitzels are cripsy and flavorful. The space is refreshing and airy. It may be considered fast food- but it doesn't feel that way. There are some healthy salad options and grilled chicken too. Their burgers are inventive and the bun is fluffy with a perfect sized moist burger. They also have soups that hit the spot for a quick lunch on a cold day. If I lived closer I would be at schnitzel plus 5 nites a week.
            Chickies is dingy and out dated. The place stinks of old fryer grease and their preparation area leaves one wondering if it's ever cleaned. I realized what I used to find satisfying just isn't worth the risk.
            Thank you Schnitzel plus for being a breath of fresh air and options!

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              On a further note, I have no interest in trashing Chickes. I come to Teaneck to visit family and have been disappointed in the options for years. Chickies actualky used to be our go to. For being so close to the city Teaneck doesn't get the same competition. When we went to Schnitzel plus- I thought finally something to brag about! I have no ties to the company and only a selfish stomach invested in their success. For those interested- I am new to the critic game and have to say it's a fierce stage.