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Dec 12, 2011 04:04 PM

Garden City

I need a few suggestions for a good meal in the vicinity of Nassau Community College in Garden City. All cuisines will be considered, but I am looking for reasonably priced places.

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  1. Vincent's Clam Bar has been around for a long time and I just tired it for the first time this weekend. I really enjoyed it. The food was great, very large portions - bit overwhelming actually. The atmosphere was very lively and the service was really good. Looking forward to going back!

    1. Waterzooi on Franklin Ave. for mussels and Belgian beer. They also serve up a really good burger.
      Grimaldis on Franklin Ave. for coal oven pizza and nice salads.
      And, LL Dent on Old Country Road in Carle Place (if you are willing to travel a couple exits over on the Meadowbrook) for really good southern food - the corn bread is excellent, great pulled pork, brisket, slaw and sweet potato fries.

      A few places that I have not tried but have heard good things about are the Burger Spot on 7th Street for burgers. and Asia Moon on Franklin for pan-Asian food.

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        NCC is off Stewart Ave., right off the Meadowbrook, so there are a lot of closer restaurants than going over to Franklin Ave. As far as reasonable though, that depends on what you are expecting, but here are a few:
        I don't have a link to Akbar, but if you google it, you will find it.
        There are also all sorts of chain places within a 1 mile radius or less - Applebee's, Chili's, Houston's, Grand Luxe Cafe, Bertucci's, Friday's, Legal Seafood. I hate to really recommend all of these, but sometimes that is what you might be looking for.
        LL Dent is on the other side of Roosevelt Field Mall, so also a good choice. There are loads of restaurants on Franklin. Waterzooi has great mussels, but is extremely noisy. Grimaldi's has great pizza, but there is another place that I thought was particularly good that is a little closer - Anthony's Coal-fired Pizza. It's on Old Country Road and listed as Carle Place.
        I also like Trodos for mediteranean food, which is also close by: