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Dec 12, 2011 01:28 PM

Favorite Asian Sauce Disappearance & Strange Grocery Mystery

My favorite asian sauce/condiment has disappeared from my local asian market (Tan Tin Hung Supermarket 121 Bowery, NYC). They stopped stocking it, and when ever I ask about it they look at me like I'm crazy and have no clue what I'm talking about, maybe because I don't know the name/company info of the sauce.

Anyway, it was always stocked next to the Huy Fong products because the packaging was identical (see photo) except the color of the sauce was a dark dark brown with a drawing of a horse or maybe a unicorn instead of a chicken.

Anybody know the name of the sauce? I would like to order it online or buy here in NYC.

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  1. Sriracha! My dh puts that on everything. That's odd they stopped stocking it. Our Asian section at Kroger carries it. Good luck!

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      The picture the OP supplied is just for reference. The OP states "except the color of the sauce was a dark dark brown with a drawing of a horse or maybe a unicorn instead of a chicken."

    2. don't think that's sriracha. That looks like Sambal (might say "Chili/Garlic Sauce") on label as well.

      Sriracha has similar packaging--red coming through see through bottle with green top, but sriracha is more of a squeeze bottle type sauce, essentially being blended into a ketchup type consistency.

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        The OP mentions that the sauce was brown, but the container design was similar to the photo.

      2. Oh, my bad. I read it as they stuff the store has *now* is dark brown, not red like they were used to.

        1. Can you tell us more about the stuff you are seeking? Is it sweet , salty, savory or hot? Is it thick or thin? What do you use it for?

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            Hello everyone and thanks for chiming in on this.

            The sauce was a condiment like the ones pictured (not really for cooking). It had a very unusual flavor that I didn't like it the first time I tasted it: a savory, very smoky, salty, not sour or sweet, nor hot but somewhat oily.......when I opened a new container there was always a 1/4" of oil on top, that eventually would mix into the sauce which if memory serves would go black after a time when the oil would dry in the jar........., it was kind of like chili black bean, but no beans or chilies and the sauce was an thick oily paste. I used it on everything, I loved it.

            My guess is the company that made it was trying to cash in on Huy Fong's success by copying their packaging, similar top, clear plastic jar, drawing of animal.

            After going to every store in China Town I called Huy Fong in L.A. thinking it was their sauce, but sadly, they didn't know what I was talking about (see crazy man above) as they only have "red sauces" with their chicken logo.

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              BTW the company logo/horse drawing looked something like this:

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                that totally sounds like chinese satay sauce that you use for hotpot.

                the brand my wife's family insists on is a silver can and on the lower right of the label is a cartoon face wearing a chef's hat sticking his thumb up. Has red chinese lettering and only english worlds are "Barbegue Sauce"

            2. No horse but could it be this? I haven't had to buy it recently but I had noticed that it wasn't readily available at the larger Asian markets as you mentioned. I believe that I last purchased it at The New Wing Yuan Market in Sunnyvale, CA. I used it mainly when making peanut sauce for satay, or Panang curry.

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                Boy, that looks close to my mystery sauce...same sauce color and packaging but no horse..I can't seem to find your brand online, but I'll have a look in my local shops for other brands of "Satay Chili Paste"...funny I'm not a big fan of Satay or at least the stuff I've had was just too peanuty, but if this is the sauce I'm looking for, I love it! (minus the peanuts:)......thanks for the photos!