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Dec 12, 2011 01:01 PM

Salad: A Thread of Appreciation

There's nothing like a good salad.

I had pineapple upside down cake for breakfast today. It was delicious, but quite sweet and rich and by the time lunch rolled around, I was craving something crispy and tangy and not too heavy. So I made myself a salad:

romaine lettuce
chopped parsley
grated carrot
a nice, thick piece of smoked salmon, shredded
crumbled goat cheese
honey-mustard vinaigrette

Simple and quick and absolutely delicious. How about everyone else? What salads do you love?

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  1. I have a salad every day Monday thru Friday. Standard salad - lettuce, mini tomatoes, peppers, carrots and some sort of protein. I also like the Parisienne salad kit - comes with a packet of dried cranberries/nuts, cheese & white balsamic dressing. Usually mix some of that lettuce mix with regular romaine for my salads....

    1. Absolutely, I crave salads; either greens or fruit salad. A day without and I'm out of sorts.

      Today's salad was wrapped in rice paper: romaine, thai mint, grated carrot, rice noodles, shrimp, scallion and pickled ginger. Tomorrow I'm having a cobb salad.

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        I was just thinking today that a salad my son makes would be really good for when I have friends over on Boxing Day - chopped raddichio, endive, toasted hazlenuts, scattering of pomegranate seeds.

        1. re: Athena

          Sounds delicious, Athena! Do you use a dressing or lemons over it?

          1. re: HillJ

            @HillJ - lemon juice and walnut oil

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          RE: HillJ

          Love the salad idea in rice paper!! Sounds great!! I have rice paper too.....hmmmm....

          1. re: jenscats5

            Yeah, those rice papers are so handy and I love the idea of having a salad on the go (in hand) when I'm running late.

        3. I always think salad tastes better when someone else makes it.

          I like whole meal salads, have them a lot. Protein, greens, nuts, fruits.

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          1. re: laliz

            See I always think a drink (cocktail) tastes better when someone else is making it! My bartending skills need work!

            1. re: HillJ

              And any sandwich made by someone else tastes better too,
              with a cocktail and a salad would be ideal!

          2. I also take salad to work most days for lunch....I have found some artisan baby heads of lettuces (they come 6 baby heads to a package) at BJ's which are great. I usually just chop up some of that, add shredded carrots, sliced onion, sometimes cucumber, sometimes olives, sometimes roasted red peppers, usually some type of protein (often grilled chicken) and about an oz of some type of reduced fat cheese...often feta....sometimes a chopped apple or some dried cranberries this time of season i added raspberries. I've also been buying some of the salad topper things like glazed pecans or walnuts, and sometimes wonton noodles or tortilla strips, and just sprinkling a tiny bit on top for variety. I usually use one of the following reduced fat dressings....Wish Bone Asian Sesame Ginger, or Asiago Parmesan Balsamic, Ken's Raspberry Walnut Viniagrette, or there is some refrigerated yogurt bleu cheese dressing that I like as well. It's an easy, one dish, complete work lunch. Sometimes I have soup with it. We have salad at dinner most nights as well.

            1. I am currently addicted to raw kale, black olive and parmesan salad with sherry vinaigrette.

              I am eagerly awaiting grapefruit season because I love them in salads with avocados.

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                $1.00/per grapefruit here in NJ and $1/each for avocados....but add in crabmeat and super thinly sliced lime and I'm all over it!

                1. re: HillJ

                  How odd, here in Toronto avocados are easily $1.50 year-round but I picked up grapefruit for 50 cents the other day.

                  I was going to start a winter salad thread. Winter peppers and tomatoes don't do much for me but I do eat baby spinach-based salads year round. This time of year I like it with sundried tomatoes and chickpeas (optional feta, fennel, etc). I also love clementines and kalamata olives - although not a huge olive fan generally, this sweet and salty combo is amazing (fennel, red onion, cucumber etc can also be added to this of course). I'm experimenting with pomegranate seeds but haven't found a great combo yet, although with citrus and a yogurt-based honey dijon dressing my kids are happy.