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Dec 12, 2011 12:58 PM

sashimi-grade fish?

Where can I get sashimi-grade fish in philadelphia for a reasonable price?

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  1. Ippolito's at 13th and Dickenson is my go to (you can pre-order if you want something specific) but if you tell any trusted Fish monger what you are doing they will point you towards the best they have

    1. The H Mart in Cheltenham has sushi grade tuna, salmon & others- prob. more reasonable than Ippolito's.

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        I get sushi grade fish from Otolith. They have a stand at a bunch of farmer's markets, you can check their website for information - It's sustainable seafood from Alaska and delicious. It comes frozen so you know that the fish is fresh. I defrost the salmon and just cut some slices. It's so good with ponzu sauce. Be careful when you buy at a fish store since it could be sitting for days... I don't trust Whole Foods or Reading Terminal.

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          Ippolito's has a sashimi case with fish from Japan and caries sushi grade tuna and salmon as well as other sashimi grade fish always