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Opening: Lucy's Fried Chicken

Would be interested in thying this out........


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  1. whoa, deep fried deviled eggs? that is both insane and ingenious. I will be trying this immediately.

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      Made deep fried deviled eggs at home,not bad. Curious if the chicken will be good. Only had Olivia's at ACL and wasn't blown away.

    2. Gosh, those prices seem really steep.

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        I think I'll pass on the $12 grilled cheese sandwich, thanks!

        1. re: heyzeus212

          Yeah, I also did notice that it was a little pricey as well. That grilled cheese better be worth writing home over.

          We shall see......

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          Especially the novelty-priced calf fries. That's just outrageous Calf fries are less than $2/lb wholesale. They should not cost the same as real oysters.


          1. re: sqwertz

            also, the cooked oysters cost twice as much ($13 for a dozen raw or six cooked).

            1. re: dinaofdoom

              The gonads are $12.50 (unless they changed the price since I looked at the menu last night)

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                That does seem steep for such an inexpensive item to source. That said, I've always wanted to try them and the only place anyone knew of around here that "maybe" had them was in Waco.

                I'm torn. Their sides sound really legit. Nouveau home cookin' places though always shoot up a red flag for me. In fact, I think I might honestly be able to say that I've NEVER been to one that compared to a true, old school affair. Hell– even a new place can be good if they're just a real down-home-style place without all of the pretense, but this... Soco location. Fancy sign. Obviously well designed identity and menu (and I'm saying that as a graphic designer, too). I'll try this place, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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                  Also I just noticed... 27 bucks for a PIE? JESUS!

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                    I'm heading over there now, wallet in TOW.

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                    FWIW Heitmillers in Waco has calf fries

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                      Yes, I want to try them before I'd ever attempt them at home. They look like they'd be hard to purge of blood and may taste "livery" (they are not pretty when raw). But not for $12.50.


            2. Tried Lucy's out today for lunch. It was almost 2:00 when we got there, and there were other customers but it wasn't too crowded. I liked the atmosphere. Kind of cozy inside where we sat, with a decent-sized bar, and it looked like they have lots of outdoor seating for nice weather.

              The waiter (for some reason I'd been expecting counter service) was quite friendly and told us what he thought of just about everything on the menu. We should have tried a couple of the more interesting sounding appetizers, but we both wanted fried chicken and sides and pie already, so we didn't. We ordered two three-piece baskets, oyster dressing, grilled coleslaw, and a couple of the local beers on tap.

              The food came out so fast I was worried that the chicken had been sitting around under heat lamps or something, and would be dry. But it was hot, moist, and delicious. Really tasty. The baskets actually came with four large pieces each, two dark and two white by default, plus a skewer of hot pickled vegetables. We both really liked the chicken and devoured it. The coleslaw had a unique smoky flavor, and wasn't bad but didn't do a whole lot for me. I probably wouldn't order it again. The dressing tasted like pretty standard cornbread dressing, and I was only able to detect one small piece of oyster in the portion of it that I ate, which was about half.

              We'd been trying to save room for the fabulous sounding (and pricey) pies, but there was so much chicken we were too stuffed to have anything else, so we got a slices of the sweet tea and the shoofly to go instead. Haven't eaten them yet, but they look pretty great. Particularly the shoofly.

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                oooohhh.... Shoofly! Haven't found any since I left PA. Started making my own to get my fix. Will definitely have to try theirs!

              2. My crew and I had a Christmas eve bucket and the chicken is pretty good. It has flavor and isn't over-breaded. I was concerned about the darkness of the chicken and thought I was going to a Lucky J's type situation but thankfully the chicken was perfectly cooked. I didn't eat any but the cornbread got good reviews from my group. Didn't care for the potato salad, really no flavor. So will I go back? I think so but I wish they had some more traditional sides, mac and cheese or maybe potatoes.

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                  as an aside, is the Lucky J situation consistently dark. I took some out of town guest there once, and the chicken was definitely overcooked. GOod to hear that Lucy's is tasty.

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                    I went there twice both times the chicken was burned overly breaded and a nightmare. Both times I threw out my chicken.

                2. Tried Lucy's for lunch on the 23rd ~ arrived at 1:10pm, got a parking spot (amazing) and immediately got seated. Had the 3 piece basket & the grilled slaw. Slaw didn't have a lot of 'grilled' flavor I could discern, but it was light and crunchy & a good accompaniment to the chicken.

                  The chicken was hot out of the fryer, tender, juicy, crispy goodness on the outside, well seasoned, really really tasty. Would go back in a heartbeat~ hopefully this time with a bunch of co-eaters so I can do more 'sampling' as lots of stuff on the menu sounds quite good.

                  What I loved is that they offer good bubbly by the glass, so perfect with fried foods.

                  1. I've been there twice now. The fried chicken is pretty good. and for $9.75 for the basket of 4 pieces its not a bad deal. granted, popeye's is cheaper. but this ain't popeye's.

                    Other Highlights: collared greens, cornbread dressing, sweet tea pie, texas beer selection, service

                    lowlights: fried devil eggs, sausage appetizer, stew

                    the stew was a special with fried chkn, drum and shrimp w/ red reux) it was a generous serving and the shrimp in it were large and actually pretty good. it just didn't work for me as a soup or a stew really.

                    the sausage actually didn't taste bad, but it was a very odd mix of grinds in my opinion.

                    the texas red chili, crab boiled potatoes and shoofly pie were also ok, but not stellar.

                    I like this place. It is a great lunch option. and if you are just getting fried chkn, it comes out super fast.

                    1. We went yesterday for lunch for the first time and got the four piece bucket (10 buckish), the lima beans, the cole slaw, the fried deviled eggs, and the sweet tea chess pie.

                      I will come back for the great fried chicken - the white and dark pieces were each very moist and well cooked on the inside and lightly crusted to a nice but certainly not burned brown exterior. The limas were much more flavorful than threadgills' but were al dente !!!!! What a shame. The grilled cole slaw was forgettable but not bad by any means. At the end of a bite you almost could imagine a slightly post-oak smoke flavor. I liked the deviled eggs, but agree with another post, how about just some straight up mac-n-cheese, etc? I also feel good about blaming them for feeling heavy all day after.The chess pie was a winner that will also bring us back. It had a slightly lemon / butterscotch sort of flavor in the front, and offered a taste the tea at the end of the bite with a nice thick crust. Good pie for sure. The build out is nice and cozy and the server we had was bubbly (the good kind) and attentive.

                      1. So I've also been twice now, and I really want to like this place because it seems fairly unique and fun. I like that they have indoor and outdoor seating, and a good selection of local brew on tap. My thoughts:

                        The Chicken: Very inconsistent on both my visits. We had a few of us, so we ordered the bucket both times (once you get past two people who want chicken the bucket is the best deal). When you get a perfectly cooked piece it is oh so good - crispy, well seasoned batter and chicken, and moist. Worth going back for. But, we found that in the same batch we would have crispy pieces and some that were super soggy. Also, some of the pieces were cut into frankenpieces where we couldn't readily identify if it was breast, thigh, etc. On my second visit, one of the pieces was actually so large where it should have been cut up - it was undercooked inside.

                        Other items tried:

                        Fried Deviled Eggs - same batter as the chicken, and with a dipping sauce. We all enjoyed them the best of everything.

                        Crab Boil Potato Salad - ok. not much crab boil flavor, but a nice side to have

                        Cole Slaw - not great

                        Corn muffins - the muffins were fine, but the tequila lime butter makes em better

                        So, overall I hope they work out the inconsitencies...may or may not go back a third time...it's also fairly pricey I think. $50 plus tip for chicken for 3, plus two sides and two beers.

                        1. Does anyone know from where Lucy's sources their chicken?

                          1. Really want to try this place out! Think I'm gonna give it a whirl. Any favorites?

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                              I just like the chicken, and even that is erratic. Everything else I've had has been so-so. I've tried most the menu except the oysters. (I love oysters, but these seem overpriced.)

                              If they can sort their consistency out, tweak their menu a little, and fix their deviled eggs (which, on paper, sound great, but in reality are lame), this place could be great. We badly need a good fried chicken place in Austin.

                            2. Be sure and read Kelso's column in today's (Sunday) ASS. It is sort of interesting and is abut LFC. One thing I learned, incidentally to Lucy's , was that the original Tamale House on Congress and then 1st street was purchased for 1.6 mil. and the TH owner opened up a TH No.2 at the site where LFC is now. I think if Kelso had any cajones he would round up buckets of fried chicken from Popeye's, KFC, and other fast food chicken places and find some homeless guys under a bridge and have a blind tasting of "theirs" vs. Lucy's fried chicken. Would make a very interesting column. Are you out there, Kelso?

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                                  I read Kelso's article and I'm really sorry, no matter how trendy, 26 bucks for a bucket of chicken, my ass!

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                                    We checked this place out tonight and were delightfully surprised.

                                    They seemed to have tweaked the menu since opening (that's why I never check out a new restaurant less than a month after opening) and things seemed to be different than the responses posted earlier on this thread.

                                    1) The basket of chicken is only $9.00, and, as the bartender told us, it holds at least 4 if not 5 pieces of chicken.

                                    2) The raw oysters were FANTASTIC! Lucy's serves a baker's dozen, and they were HUGE! Considering that a dozen oysters at parkside during HH are about the same price, this will become my new favorite place for raw oysters any hour of the day.

                                    3) The calf fries seemed to come down in price. Above, it is mentioned that they are over $12, but on this new menu, they around $8.00. Didn't try them myself, but I thought it was worth noting.

                                    4) As for the chicken itself, it was great. A little spicy, a little salty, but not too much so. There are all sorts of hot sauces around the place to spice up the chicken if you need, and I loved playing with the different flavors. I really liked the Tears of Joy Duck Butter on the chicken (and a drop or two on the oysters). According to the bartender, (rachel? i think) the Duck Butter sauce will be available in a bar drink, with vodka or tequila and a raw oyster. Ummm, yes please!

                                    5) I don't think that $5 for a dessert is outrageous, and the sweet tea pie was sinfully tasty. Multiply that by 8, and it would usually cost $40 for a whole pie. So, why is $27 for a whole pie a big deal?

                                    6) PS a bucket of chicken there is only $23 and change. I hate it when people misquote menus to prove a point.

                                    Overall, it was a great meal and I am glad that I live nearby, because I will become a regular soon. The bartender (rachel again?) made some of the new drinks on their forthcoming cocktail menu, and they were perfect with the meal. Apparently, their special's board changes daily and is updated on the website, so I will check it out again soon. Hate to think that peeps are selling this place short because of a few hiccups during the opening weeks.

                                    1. re: karma belle

                                      I went recently and really enjoyed it, in part because of reading this thread. I could eat a million orders of the collard greens (equal parts vinegar and pork), and at least three orders of the Austin grilled oysters (smoke, spice, deliciousness, or tequila lime, cotija, chili sauce). Enjoyed the cornbread stuffing, but may just opt for the cornbread muffins next time (w tequila lime butter). The fried deviled eggs were too salty for me, but my friend loved them. The chicken had a nice breading, but seemed to dry out fairly quickly. I'd still order it again. And Fire Eagle by the can is always welcome. Definitely be going back and saving room for pie next time.

                                      1. re: karma belle

                                        Completely agree with karma belle. Your experience mirrors mine. This place has unexpectedly snuck into our rotation.

                                        I'll add that the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere combined with excellent friendly service is a real bonus.

                                  2. I just went and picked up my first order from Lucy's, so I'll throw my two cents in.

                                    The chicken: good. It's not the best chicken I've ever had, but it's certainly a lot better than the normal fast food stuff you can find around town (aka Popeye's, KFC, Church's). The crust was dark in color (which I kinda worried about at first) but really tasty... not too thick, and the meat was pretty spot on. I've never been to Mrs P's Electric Cock, so I can't compare, but I'm nonetheless glad to know that there are more than one better quality fried chicken places in town now. When I moved here in '07, there was a front page Chronicle feature lamenting the fact that pretty much all of them had disappeared. Lucy's ain't perfect, but it'll do.

                                    Greens: really good. Probably the best I've had in Austin.

                                    "Cornbread Dressing:" A crime against humanity. It's generally a matter of preference in the deep south whether or not you like your cornbread sweet or not (I prefer not), but I've never had it sweet in dressing form. Plus, it's supposed to be a nice, moist casserole sort of thing. What I got was pretty much a bowl of crumbs. Dressing should be able to be sliced into servings or scooped. I imagine what I got was more swept into a dustpan and subsequently emptied into the takeout container. And a little gravy wouldn't hurt!

                                    So, overall... pretty good. The place is really well designed, so I'll be sure to dine in next time with a friend or two; It's got a nice feel and seems like a good place to have a some beers and food.

                                    And if any of the Lucy's people happen to read this... I'll teach you how to make cornbread dressing. Seriously. There is something so unbelievably wrong with what you're doing now, but you can change!