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Dec 12, 2011 12:23 PM

'Jail/Prison' Themed Dinner Party

Help. I have to host a themed dinner party for a deputy prison governor. I want it to be light hearted but would like the food to show definite subject matter. However I am at a loss where to start, the only things that come to mind are porridge and cakes with files in! Any help much appreciated.

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  1. Well, the daily budget for prisoner meals is £1.90. That has to do three meals a day.

    So, how about doing dinner at a cost of no more than, say, 65p a head and ask how s/he likes.

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    1. These ideas are somewhat tenuous but how about linking the food to British prisons.

      Absinthe Cocktail - Wormwood Scrubs
      Garlicky Starter- Parkhurst Isle of Wight
      Game main course- Dartmoor
      Desert- Warden Pie - This for Bedford prison also pretty apt.

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      1. Are you writing down the menu? If so, play on the names but serve nice food - i.e your starter could be 'Stale bread and water' and serve crostini and champagne. 'Gruel' could translate to risotto, or 'mystery meat' could be a fine ragout.

        I feel slightly wrong writing all that. I'd say scrap the theme and just have a nice dinner to celebrate a job promotion.

        EDIT: just realised it was a dinner for a person in that job, rather than getting that job. Definitely scrap the theme.

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          Good idea and I could tie it in with Papriakboy's ideas. Thank you

        2. it could be fun to serve the food on trays like you see in a cafeteria.
          mashed potatoes and a simple salad for sure
          plastic silverware? ha ha.

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            This is good too. It is meant to be a fun night and plastic silverware could be just right. Thanks you

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              Hey, I bet with a dash of cumin it wouldn't be too bad ;>)