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Dec 12, 2011 12:19 PM

Has anyone tried the Red Eyed Pig in W. Roxbury?

It's a new take out BBQ joint on Center St., near to where the Upper Crust is......I smelled smoke when I went in and grabbed a menu, but haven't tried it yet.....anyone have a report?

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  1. I ordered the pulled pork platter with cornbread, collared greens and baked beans on Saturday. I chose the sweet sauce, but they have about five to offer ( FYI, I believe that the online menu is only available as an image on their Facebook page right now). Really good, and better than I had hoped. The beans, in particular, were large and had a nice sauce - not the "out of the can" variety. I also liked that the pulled pork wasn't as limp as you can sometimes find it. I was hoping for something at the level of Blue Ribbon which, for around the West Roxbury area (commuting to the Newtonville location0, is the best you can expect for take-out (have yet to try the newer sit-down BBQ places like Sweet Cheeks and that place in Winthrop). My first take is that this exceeds Blue Ribbon and thus, I am happy.

    Also, I understand that they had something of a helter-skelter opening on Friday night, but most of the logistics were worked out by Saturday and they seemed to be humming along.

    Have yet to try the other sides or appetizers, but plan on ordering some catering for a party this weekend. Looking forward to it.

    Full disclosure, I sit on a neighborhood business board and helped them work through the licensing process, and have been tweeting etc. about their opening.

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      Yeah, it was friday when I walked by, and they did seem to be struggling (was getting take out at Himalayan Bistro). Can't wait to try this place, as BBQ Town is a real let down in the BBQ department.

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        GREAT report - we're so excited! Any news on when the Mexican place is opening?

        West Rox really has the best restaurant scene now - I think more than JP or Rosi (IMHO, of course!)

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          Last I heard, Los Amigos was hoping for a pre-Christmas opening, but I am guessing it will be early January based on their current state of construction. Lean Works is looking at February (they are opening in the old Finagle spot on Spring St., near Panera, FYI).

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          ML02132 - what's the link to your twitter feed? I'd love to follow West Rox food stuff...

          1. re: sallyt

            Sure - it's @mtloconto. You should also follow @WRMS for West Roxbury Main Streets ( - we are a nonprofit and I am a volunteer on the Board. We assist new and existing businesses in the neighborhood with start-up issues, storefront redesign and promotions. In particular, I tend to host a lot of restaurant-focused events, like beer & wine dinners/tastings. Here are some of the existing twitter handles for our restaurants:


            Apologies if I missed a few; also, you can follow Red-Eyed Pig, Porter Cafe and Lean Works (as well as those listed above) on Facebook. Cheers!

          2. re: ML02132

            I haven't been yet, but I have to point out that, according to Boston Restaurant Talk, the place is owned by the people who run Blue-Eyed Crab in Plymouth (makes sense based on the name). I tried a couple of things at e Blue-Eyed Crab last year, and they were outstanding, seemed like they put a lot of thought into the ingredients, preparation, and execution of their dishes.

            I can't wait to try Red Eyed Pig since the quality seems to be just as high based on what I'm reading on this post.

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              We were in the neighborhood on Saturday, and even though we had a late b'fast, figured we'd grab a quick lunch. Sorry to see no other customers there at 12:30 (one couple came in as we were leaving near 1PM), cuz it's still very good. Had a small portion of the Pork Belly (DW had chili), and we shared a small Mac & Cheese. Everything was delicious. Noticed they now serve b'fast there. Luckily we live far enough away that we shouldn't be tempted, but it looked very interesting. And reasonably priced.

            2. Tried to go last night but they weren't open :( Oh well, probably recuperating from the opening weekend.......the menu looks kind of amazing. I really want to try the pimento cheese stuffed jalapenos.....that sounds right up my alley

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                Yes, they closed yesterday to get the shop in order after such a hectic opening few days. I believe they will reopen today.

                I am looking forward to the green chile & pork belly doughnuts!

              2. Just read the menu - must go there immediately. Anyone know if they have beer, or other alcohols?

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                  I don't think so - it's really a take-out place. BUT - delicious!

                  We got takeout from the Red Eyed Pig last night. I'm not a huge BBQ person (I don't eat pork or meat) but my husband and 5 yo daughter LOVED it. They got ribs, pulled pork, beans, mashed potatoes, and hush puppies, and loved it all. I ate a side of mac and cheese which was delicious. We got the peanut butter pie in a mason jar which was fantastic.

                  They proclaimed the bbq to be better than Blue Ribbon.


                  1. re: sallyt

                    I'll second the Blue Ribbon comparison, too. I went again last night - the Hush Puppies with the orange maple bacon butter was excellent.

                    Also, in reply to the original question - there is no beer/wine/liquor license as they are a primarily take-out operation. There are a few barstools for eating in at a window counter.

                2. Made it to The Pig last night, and sure am glad I did! The food was really very good, with a real home made care put into it. The wife and I ordered the pork belly donuts, which were soft and fluffy, salty and just good. We also got the stuffed jalapenos, which were made from scratch....they were very large peppers (so big, it more reminded me of a chili relenos than a popper!), with a nice kick to them, stuffed with cream cheese (they claim pimento cheese, and really everyones recipe for pimento cheese is different, but I would call this straight cream cheese) and coated with what seemed a tempura batter, simply an outstanding dish. At the counter (I had called my food in) I asked for a sample of the pork (as I had said earlier, you can smell smoke in there, os I had to try something smoked!) and it was so tasty I added the pulled pork sandwich with a side of (very lovely, vinegary) collard greens. Nice pork, with a good bark and smokey taste, served on a (potato?) bun with coleslaw, classic. Lastly my wife ordered the apple crisp, which is served in a mason jar, it was good, and the presentation was cool. I can't wait to try this place again and really explore the menu.....but I got a great first impression.

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                  1. re: devilham

                    I am really psyched to try this place. How did the food travel?

                    1. re: nsenada

                      medium well for travel, the fried jalapenos got soft, but it's not their fault, that's what happens....I would however recomend they use containers that breath better to help mitigate that sort of thing.....but it's no show stopper.

                  2. Happened to stumble on this place on Sunday when I ran an errand in the city. Ironically, I had been meaning to go to the newish BBQ place in Needham (can't remember the name right now) and wound up here instead.

                    They are clearly still ironing out the kinks, but the food showed real promise, I tried the brisket plate with sweet potatoes and collard greens on the side. Had the spicy sauce. Meat was quite tender and very flavorful, potatoes were OK (a few were undercooked). Collard greens were a highlight -- best I've had in a while. Sauce had a kick and nice flavor.

                    It's a ways from home for me, but I might meander back once in a while to explore some of the other options on the menu.

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                    1. re: jdoc

                      Any more visits?

                      Going to try to hit this up tonight.


                      1. re: L2k

                        I posted this on the SC thread, but it's more pertinent to Red-Eyed Pig, obviously:

                        We just got our second takeout from Red-Eyed Pig last night and it was delicious. My husband loves the ribs, the mashed potatoes are divine, and for $28, we got an appetizer of hush puppies (excellent), a plate of ribs, beans, collard greens, and a plate of smoked chicken, mashed potatoes, and cheesy spinach. The smoked chicken was a litlte dry, so I can't recommend it, but everything else was great, and their sauces are outstanding (esp. the Carolina vinegar sauce). Cornbread comes with everything.

                        1. re: sallyt

                          Saw this before we went, thanks!

                          We live a bit too far to take out, like out Q to be nice and hot, so we sat on 2 of the 6 uncomfortable stools and ate at the window counter (kind of tight there). Had the hushpuppies (wow!) and the fried pickles (needs to be cornmeal) as apps, then the meals.

                          I had the 1/2 rack of St. Louis, with fries (ok) and mac/cheese (very good). Needed them to cut up the ribs for me as the plastic knive couldn't come close to doing the job. Ribs reminded me of Blue Ribbon (in a good way), and I thoroughly enjoyed them. DW had the smoked chicken (she's not a pork fan, and didn't feel like brisket), and really liked it. Also really liked her mac/cheese -- the mashed potatoes were "good".

                          Definitely will go back.

                          Talked to Jim (owner, I believe) for a few minutes when we were done. He thinks they still need to get their act together, but I can attest they are much closer to "ready" than Midtown is in Needham.

                          1. re: L2k

                            Thanks for reporting back!

                            Did you see this article in the Globe?


                              1. re: sallyt

                                Great coverage of the opening - glad to see they are doing well. A follow-up: we made a large order before the holidays for a house party, and everyone was very impressed with the selection. I have been a pulled pork devotee, but I really liked the baby back ribs - they were fall-off-the bone. A note for larger orders - you can also request in advance to order the meats by the pint, as we did with the pulled pork. Everyone really liked the green chile & pork belly doughnuts - more like munchkins but doughy almost like a funnel cake. Hush puppies also had high marks, as well as the mac n' cheese sides. I'd had the beans and collared greens before and they have remained consistently good.