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Dec 12, 2011 11:35 AM

Steakhouse dinner

There will be four of us for New Year's Eve and we're thinking of doing a classic steakhouse dinner. I know we'll do either an iceberg wedge or caesar salad, crab cocktail, and steaks. Keeping in mind the steakhouse theme, I'd love suggestions—along with favorite recipes—for potatoes, a vegetable beside creamed spinach, and a souffle or other dessert. I won't have much prep time as we return from a trip the day before, but our friends could take on whatever could be done ahead.

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  1. Not a whole lot of recipes, since the steakhouses I've been to have kept those elements simple. Probably a good thing since you also mention next to nothing prep time. You could sous-vide the steaks and then just flash sear them to save more time in that aspect too.

    Steakhouse dinner:

    starter: iceberg wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and bacon

    starter: *shrimp* or prawn cocktail (U10 or U12) in lieu of crab cocktail

    your lump of cow of choice

    side: baked potato with butter, sour cream and whatever else you want to put on it

    side: creamed spinach

    side: sauteed mushrooms (a pound of button mushrooms per person, do this in butter)

    side: roasted asparagus (drizzled with butter)

    side: steak-cut fries

    a couple of sauces for those needing sauce (or compound butters)

    dessert: raspberry cheesecake

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    1. re: wattacetti

      We have the whole day, just no time the days before. Mushrooms would be great; my husband won't eat asparagus. Crab instead of shrimp because we are in Seattle! Pan sauce, always. Cheesecake is a good idea.

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        I just looked at three steakhouses (Peter Luger, Gallagher's, Minetta Tavern) and there are a couple of options:

        starter: sliced tomato
        starter: sliced tomato and onion
        starter: bacon (I'd go for this)
        starter: oysters

        sides: broccoli (steamed)
        sides: onion rings (doesn't feel typical for me)
        sides: green beans
        sides: marrow bones

        1. re: wattacetti

          Just, like, a piece of bacon? I'll probably get that the next morning, since it's my birthday and I ordered breakfast in bed.

          1. re: sweetpotater

            Peter Luger sells slices of bacon. Cos nothing's better to start off a steak dinner than a piece of pork.

        2. re: sweetpotater

          smitten kitchen has a fantastic mushroom recipe that would be great for this :

      2. Grilled green chilis, grilled marinated squash (zucchini, yellow etc.) grilled mexican bulb onions., A fresh loaf of ciabatta. Tomato onion and artichoke salad. Done!

        1. Sour cream mashed potatoes, smittenkitchen's garlic-butter roasted mushrooms, smittenkitchen's balsamic braised brussels sprouts. You could do the Epicurious lemon budino with a raspberry coulis, light but less last-minute than a souffle. Sounds like a fun dinner!

          1. Broiled burgundy portabellas
            French onion soup
            Broiled scallions and julienned carrots
            Creamed corn

            PS--Most important, score yourself a nice bottle of zinfandal or two. Or three.

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            1. re: Perilagu Khan

              Ooh, I love creamed corn. Though not in season.

            2. Keep the go-withs simple and few in number, and spend your time and $ on the most luxurious prime beef you can find -- and make the portions large and perfectly grilled.

              Not answering the question, i know....