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Dec 12, 2011 11:25 AM

Gourmet Food Markets in Marin

I recently moved to Marin County from LA, where there's a great specialty food store, Surfas, in Culver City. For those who are familiar with it - anything similar in the Bay Area?

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  1. I have never been to Surfas but checked their website out of curiosity and was a bit confused. There, they seem to emphasize cooking equipment and classes with a menu for their cafe but not much about what foods they offer. Or does it not have produce or butcher departments? In Marin, the closest to what the Surfa website seems to present might be Sur la Table in Corte Madera' s Town Center mall. (Right nearby S la T is the fine Bryan's Meats and also a Ferrari Italian deli. Both have to-go if that is what you want.

    For real grocery stores, I suggest you try Mill Valley Market, Paradise Foods in Corte Madera (not in a mall) or Woodlands Market in Kentfield. All have very active deli counters, good wine selections, real butchers, good seafood counters. Hope that helps. Welcome to Marin.

    Mill Valley Market
    Paradise Foods
    Woodlands Market

    1. Surfas is a restaurant supply store - it sells equipment, pans, dish ware, etc. as well as hard-to-find gourmet ingredients (meats, sauces, purees, fine bulk chocolate in every percent of cacao, etc.). It has a cheese counter and lunch cafe and offers cooking demonstrations. It's a local favorite of professional chefs and home cooks alike.

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        Ah, well then...I will break a personal rule and suggest a place I have never been to. Friends have told me it is a must, family-owned kitchen supply store on the industrial edge of San Rafael called Cash and Carry Warehouse. The name would raise suspicion but the word of mouth is high. Perhaps you could review it here if you go. It is next to Orchard Supply Hardware...
        They do not serve food but if you go to that part of Marin (and as a recent arrival who may need hardware, building supplies, etc. you may need to make the trip) you can get a Cuban sandwich for lunch at otherwise out-of-the-way sure to check the Cuban menu.

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          Jetro Cash and Carry aka Restaurant Depot is pretty downmarket as far as food goes. They have some good values but it's not really a gourmet place. At least theoretically, you have to be in the restaurant business to shop there.

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            I don't know if you meant to post about Jetro Cash and Carry in reply to the Cash and Carry Warehouse post, but they are two different operations in different cities.

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              I thought they were part of the same chain, my bad. I know nothing about the San Rafael place.

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          I've never heard of anyplace like that around here.

        3. For the restaurant supply part, there's Dvorson's on Gate 5 in Sausalito.