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Dec 12, 2011 10:45 AM

Grinding burgers and leaky Kitchen Aid mixers

ok, two parts to this story. Was shopping around for a few pounds of chuck steaks to make my own burgers. I wasn't having much luck finding any places in Central SD with more than small packages of chuck steaks. I ended up getting 4lb of chuck roast and 1lb of Choice-grade sirloin steaks at Costco and was pretty pleased with how the burger came out. Anyone have a go to place in SD for their home-ground burger meat that surpasses Costco? I am tired of driving around looking for beef if I don't need to lol.

Second part....after grinding 5 lbs of beef the next day my GF noticed oil leaking out around the trim band of the Kitchen Aid. I googled it and it sounds quite common. Can anyone recommend a place in SD that does knowledgeable repairs on them?

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  1. I grind my own, using Costco beef, as well and in addition to chuck I also use flank in the blend. As for the machine, that's a pretty good work out, I generally grind a few pounds then give it a rest as the motor will heat up, thus the oil. Sometimes I run ice through the grinder, slowly, to cool it down but, It should be fine.

    1. Did you try the Costco Business Center on Convoy? They have larger packages of meat and a variety of cuts, i.e. often times 10# packages or more. If you go on Monday, you can sometimes find super good deals on meats they didn't sell over the weekend.

      Which model KA do you have. I have a 5 qt. KA Pro that I like really well and that I've had no problems with. It's heavier duty than the Artisan and some other models. I've ground quite a bit of meat with it and not had any leakage. Biggest issue I've had with it is that I think the sausage stuffing attachment is pretty whimpy.

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        yeah, unfortunately the Business Center hours aren't the best for me...I will try to get there next time though.

        The KA mixer is probably 10 years old....the larger one with the bowl lift. I processed a lot of meat so next time I will try doing a smaller batch to see if we get any leaks. I don't like grinding meat in batches because of the contamination factor and having to move everything back and forth to the freezer. Hopefully this is a one-time thing with the oil leak.

        1. re: MrKrispy

          Typically, the models with the bowl lift can handle the larger volume prep better. Could be you need to give it a rest now and then.

          You might want to visit the Kitchen Aid web site and see if they've got any authorized repair dealers in SD and have a little tune up done on your mixer before the next grinding party

      2. Try the several types of ground beef at Seisel's (4131 Ashton St). It's a little more expensive than most but the quality is impeccable and you can buy just the amount you want which is often cost effective in its own way.