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Dec 12, 2011 10:20 AM

Mont Tremblant Ski Area Eats - Walking Distance ONLY


My friends and I will be spending a weekend skiing at the Mont Tremblant. It's our first time there, and we are going by bus, so will be confined in the immediate area.

St-Jovite to us would be out of the question, unfortunately. :(

I've read through the threads on the board, and seems like all the recommendations are out of this range.... (i.e. half an hour walking time according to Google Map)...

Looking for good eats in the 10 minutes walking radius to our hotel, we are likely to stay at the Fairmont Tremblant. We are not looking for high end places, just great food at reasonable prices.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner suggestion within this area is highly appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. Your best bet is to go to the Mont Tremblant web site, and look for information about restaurants.

    As far as I can see on the Web, there are maybe a dozen or so restaurants at the resort; from simple snacks to higher-end restaurants.

    There might be shuttle service to/from the near "Mont-Tremblant Village" or maybe st-jovite; but for only a week-end it might be overkill.


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      The only place in the ski village that I would go out of my way for is Le Savoie. And it's not cheap.

      The brew-pub will at least deliver a filling plate of decent food at a decent price.

    2. It's all family fare and chain resto quality meals at the mountain. Best to just walk around and decide what looks most appealing because you won't find anything Chowhound worthy on the resort.

      I've had breakfast at Le Shack and it's decent and passable enough if overpriced (it's Tremblant!). Bullseye is like a Moe's or something. Mediocre everything turned out factory style... don't expect any kitchens with actual chefs preparing meals. This is quick turnaround tourist land. La Forge might be better and if I had to stay on the mountain, I'd probably chose to try it out.

      I've been to one of the Italian places before (the one near the top of the hill just a few feet down from the beaver tail place) and it was unexceptional as expected, but not terrible. There's a Pita Express for lunch which is acceptable given your options. There used to be a decent sandwich shop also just below the beaver tail window near the top of the hill. The sushi place is exorbitantly priced and a huge rip-off. I don't even know if it's still around. There's also a pretty crappy TexMex style chain resto at the very top near the parking lot and shops that's got as much to do with Mexican as Old El Paso.

      You simply won't find a great meal on the mountain, sorry to say. Just have fun, disregard the food and sinply pick whatever sounds best from the above when the time comes. Or fill up on beaver tails!

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      1. re: OliverB

        The mexican isn't there anymore since a few years ago, it's been replaced by some new orleans inspired place, however can't vouch for it as i've never been.

        1. re: westaust

          We were there last April and there was a new Mexican place that moved into the space that was formerly Les Artistes in the main strip of the village. For the life of me can't remember the name of it and it's not listed on the Tremblant list of restaurants on their site. They'd just opened the business and the food was actually some of the best Mexican I've ever had in Canada. Anyone know if this place is still there?

          1. re: abigllama

            This place is indeed still opened, it's called Puesta del sol. Went there for lunch one day when at the mountain, had a burrito, not bad at all and definitly better than the previous mexican restaurant that was in tremblant.

      2. Like Disneyland there are no remarkable restaurants on site.Great ones offsite if you have a car

        1. I would have to generally agree with the other posters' sentiments. On the other hand, I had a meal at Aux Truffes that as far as I can remember was pretty good, not mindblowing by any means and certainly not the best value, but it is right in the village, and clearly better than many of the cheaper chain restaurants. It is higher end I guess, but they let me eat lunch in my apres ski attire.

          1. Take a shuttle into St. Jovite. It is worth it as the re are good restaurants there. You can always take a taxi back.