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Dec 12, 2011 10:11 AM

Buche de Noel

Anyone know who makes a real good Buche de Noel?


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  1. "Cerise sur le gateau " were taking orders for Christmas, I know. They were offering some for degustation (may be still offer) last weekend. Tasty!

    I see that "Fous desserts" also offering "Buche de Noel" tasting.

      1. re: mangeonsca

        -the kem coba logs were very attractive on my visit last weekend, and might appeal to varied age group, serves 8; 22$ each
        -there was an article in paper last weekend on some of the best logs and although in french I will post it as has some photos of artisanal logs. The ones at Cerise sur le gateau are rectangular in shape, you can see one in the 4 photos at top of article

        1. re: mangoannie

          Thanks for the link, has anyone been to any of those 4 places listed?
          I was thinking Kem Coba or Havre aux Glaces as well.

          1. re: ios94

            I don't know about their bûches, but Cerise sur le gâteau and Fous Desserts pastries are always good. Les Givrés pastries are good too but less exceptional maybe. I really really don't like CRémy and never understand why it's in these kind of lists.

            Other places to check :
            - Pâtisserie Rhubarbe. had one last year and it was pretty amazing. 2 new flavors this year :
            - La maison du macaron. Last pastries I've tried there were all pretty good, which was not the case when they opened. The bûches looks great :
            - Boutique Point G

      2. G&G Pâtisserie Gourmande on Mont-Royal also have pretty funky bûches...

        1. A follow-up question. Does anyone know of a place that makes a good Buche de Noel with cake and icecream filling?

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          1. re: hala

            I ordered a buche from Fous, I didn't have the opportunity to sample it so here's hoping everyone enjoys it. I'll give you my feedback after the weekend. Thanks for the suggestion.

            1. re: ios94

              Way too late to be useful for ios94, but others might be still looking: Chocolat Privilège at Marche Atwater has buches.