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Dec 12, 2011 09:28 AM

Tornado or ???

Last time we were in SD, Tina and I had a beer at Tornado, liked the atmostphere, loved the tap selection, and were intrigued by the thought of having beer and a meal there. But I don't know if I've read anything here about the food. Do any of you eat there? Is the food any good? Is there another place where we'd do better with beer/food combination? We're not looking for some hip scene or someplace where we'd have to fight folks for a table.

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  1. I like the burgers but nothing else I have tried there has been memorable at all. They are doing a Tuesday night steak night now that one of my friends swears by but I haven't tried. Did not like the potato pancake there - has been soggy and bland both times.

    My favorite food/beer combo is still Blind Lady Ale House but I have not tried their new place Tiger!Tiger! yet.

    FYI - you are missing an "o" - its Toronado.

    1. second the above, definitely give them all a try haha. I also like Ritual, which is up the street from Toronado...only a "few" beers on tap compared to Toronado. Tiger Tiger has a ridiculously good brat right now.

      Toronado has great burgers....some of the time. If you like a fat burger cooked medium rare they can be fantastic at Toronado depending on who's cooking....last 3 times I ordered a burger medium rare 2 of them were medium to medium well done (yuk!).

      1. Grass-fed burgers are good. Potato salad is quite tasty.

        1. The food at Toronado isn't bad (but definitely bar food), but the focus is (rightfully) on the beer, which is outstanding. Tiger!Tiger!'s beer isn't quite up to Toronado's level - no beer on cask - but does serve oysters, which are pretty good. The former chef of the Kensington Grill just opened the Carnitas Shack (named after his pet pig, Carnitas) nearby, and it apparently has good beer and good food. I, for one, am intrigued by the pulled pork poutine, but I can't vouch for the place yet.

          1. Toronado is worth it on beers alone I think, but the food is okay too.

            I also like Small Bar on Park Ave selection of beers and their food is okay, but there is better food around them.

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              Oh, I forgot about Small Bar. The beer isn't as good as Toronado, and the food is about the same, but the cocktails are much better.