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Dec 12, 2011 09:18 AM

Nutley area Restaurant recs?

Hi there,
I'm not too familiar with the area so could use your suggestsions. I'd love to give my friend a restaurant gift certificate ($50) to spend on a delicious meal in her neck of the woods. She's open to all cuisines. Thank you!!!

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  1. This is on the short list for me to try....

    This past year, I attended a catered event at Peter The Great. The food was very good and watching the characters was even better.

    Please skip The Franklin Steakhouse if recommended.

    1. Huong Viet in Nutley has excellent Vietnamese food

      Queen Margherita is definitely a good call

      Haven't been, but I've read great stuff about La Sicilia in Belleville, right on the Nutley border

      1. La Sicilia in Belleville is outstanding. However, it is a small storefront type pizzaria. You can't beat the quality of the food and the prices are very reasonable. On a Friday or Saturday night, you will see groups of people outside wating for a table - even in the cold weather. They don't take reservations.

        The owners are very nice and make every effort to seat you. Going on a Tuesday or Wednesday is much better. Again a however, at lunch time it is usually packed. Even with these little 'howevers', I would recommend this place in a heartbeat.

        Queen Margahrita in Nutley and its sister restaurant, Piazza Marghrita in North Arlington are very good. Parking and getting a table at the Nutley locale can be chancey. The Piazza has a parking lot and I have never had a problem getting a table. Both places offer a lunch for $9.99. A $50. gift will go a long way.
        Now for the food, the veal dishes are very good. I have never had a bad meal at either place.

        If your friends like Thai, there is Topaz on Washington Ave. in Belleville. I love the food and the owner is very helpful.

        Back in Nutley, there is Chestnut Cafe. A very informal place with a nice menu. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a very good meatloaf and great sandwiches. Breakfast is much better than a diner breakfast.

        Hope these suggestions are helpful to you.

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          I got 2 thumbs up for Queen Margherita from a co-worker. Good pizza, good food.

        2. With regards to Queen Margherita.....I withdraw my recommendation after my meal there last Thursday evening.

          Pizza was good

          Baked Clams terrible

          Mussels terrible

          Fried Calamari.....fair

          Stuffed Shrimp fact, anything stuffed resembled little seafood and lots of filler.

          A couple of mystery items no one at the table could figure out was on the Hot Appetizer Platter

          Breaded Veal Stuffed with Prosciutto and Swiss was little veal and lots of bread coating..sauce was pleasant.

          Seafood Riviera, a seafood combination plate was overcooked fish and a bad lobster tail.

          Tuna special was very good.

          I will say the food looked good on some of the other tables, especially the pasta dishes.

          We ere supposed to receive sides of pasta, but they never appeared.

          Everyone at the table felt the food overall was over-cooked and bland.

          In the end, I would not return....the place is small, tables are cramped together and very noisy inside with people sitting too closely together.