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Dec 12, 2011 09:08 AM

The District, Portsmouth

We're attending our annual Christmas concert in Portsmouth this Saturday night and the concert doesn't get over until a little after ten. Last year we went to 106 Kitchen and had a good experience, but I'd like to try a new place this year.

I see that The District Restaurant serves until midnight, and the web reviews are pretty positive. I'd love some feedback from fellow hounds if anyone's been.

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  1. We had lunch there in October. It was a warm day so we sat outside. I know I had the chicken and waffles and I think my wife had some sort of asian shrimp and noodle dish. It was "ok". Slightly more creative bar food, but nothing special. If you can get out a little earlier, Cava says they are open till 10, but I know they've told us before that as long as you ORDER by 10 they'll stay open.

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      Thanks, Dave. We ended up getting out after 10 and headed to The District. It was a little louder and more bar-like than I had hoped for from the website, but things quieted down around 11. Two of us got the rib-eye burger which was cooked med-rare to order, and we both loved it. The fries were shoestring and excellent as well. The third member of the party got the porchetta special. It was tender and flavorful. Sorry, can't remember the sides but he cleaned his plate and was quite happy.

      All in all, I'd return if I were in the mood for a burger and a casual night out.

    2. We were there tonight and were very disappointed. We eat in the Portsmouth area a lot and there are much better choices. The meal was overpriced, but even ignoring that I can't find many good things to say about it.

      All the food was underseasoned and served on unheated plates. The lackluster fare was made worse as it rapidly cooled. Some salt may have helped but the District is apparently one of those places that think they're above needing to put it on the table.

      The poutine was among the worst I've had. The chewy fries in the poutine were also among the worst I've had. The curds were congealed clumps. Bad, as in barely edible.

      The mixed grill, vegetarian ravioli, and duck left a lot to be desired. The duck was the best of it and was rather flavorless. Nothing terrible here, but nothing good either.

      Needless to say, we'll never go back. If there had been one thing good about it, I'd give it another chance. Perhaps it was a bad night since it seems to be fairly popular, but we'll never know.

      Our server was fine, so I have no complaints about the service. The atmosphere was also fine. Although I have a personal issue with being able to see televisions from the dining area, it didn't bother me.

      I'm posting here so you can consider yourself warned.