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Dec 12, 2011 08:44 AM

Do you think Vitamix might be coming out with a new series soon

I was on Williams-sonoma and they no longer sell the Vita-mix 500 series. weird. Maybe they're expecting a 600 series to be coming out.

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  1. it is really strange - the Vitamix is featured at a special price on the landing page for blenders, but when you click on it you end up on the page where they say it's no longer available. however, the fact that they still have the extra containers available for purchase leads me to believe they will still be offering some version of the Vitamix, unless they're just trying to sell off their backstock.

    i guess it's possible they've dropped the Vitamix altogether since they're now selling that new Cuisinart Soup Maker/Blender.

    1. And why not look at the Vita-Mix website itself?

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        i can't speak for the OP, but i did check the Vitamix site and there's no mention of a newer series...however, that doesn't mean they won't roll one out. in my experience, cookware companies don't necessarily make advance announcements about new product lines, they just introduce them when they're actually available for purchase.

      2. We looked at the 500 before settling on the 5200. Just did not see a need for an automatic timer function; classified it as something to go wrong. Other than that timer feature, I couldn't see any other difference so ordered direct from Vitamix.

        1. They sell the 500 Pro, as well as the 300 and 750 Pro.