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Dec 12, 2011 08:42 AM

Making Paula Wolfert's Cassoulet

I've made Cassoulet many times but wanted to go full bore and try a long one. So I am trying this one:

I'm starting today with Emeril's Duck Confit

Any suggestions if you have tried it, let me know! I am going to line the pan with pork skin and everything.

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  1. Confit the sausages in duck fat and see if you can get the heel of an iberico ham just to throw in for extra flavor.

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        1. If you're making Paula Wolfert's cassoulet, why aren't you making her confit? My husband is cooking his confit tonight, and has been making her recipe for about 20 years. There is none finer. Just follow what she says, and remember to watch your beans carefully when it's time to cook them -- beans these days seem to cook much more quickly than they did in the past, and we find it helpful to always have some extras around. You do not want them to turn to mush.

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            I didn't find her recipe online for confit until too late! I will let you know how this Emeril one goes

          2. Tom P, I know it's been over a year, but how did you do with Paula Wolfert's Cassoulet recipe? I was lucky enough to score some beautiful cassoulet beans (actually, grown in Cali from original tarbais seeds). I have never made a cassolet, but it is on my recipe bucket list. I read the recipe and it made my head spin! The only thing I have made that was as close to as intense as this would have been coq a vin.

            What did you like and dislike about the recipe? And, the results? What type of cassoulet pot did you use? I was thinking my 10q oval enamel cast iron dutch oven. What would you have done differently from the recipe, if anything?

            I feel with this gift of these wonderful beans I have no choice but to honor their heritage. Thank in advance!

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              I loved it. it was work.. but I did it in a fun way (for me) doing a step or two each day for six days. I did everything.. made the duck confit, got the pork skin to line the pot, etc. It was wonderful.

              I actually froze some of it and just this past weekend finally had it. It was just as good. If you make it, please let us know how it goes!