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Dec 12, 2011 08:39 AM

Lobster roll hear I-93 north?

Next month, I'm arriving at South Station, renting a car, and driving up to New Hampshire to meet some friends for a ski trip. My train gets in around lunch time, and I have a hankering for a real lobster roll. However, I don't want to have to drive all around Boston, I'd like to know if there are any places I can find one that aren't too fa off I-93. I 'm renting the car at Government Center, and as I recall, I make 2 or 3 turns somewhere near the North End, and immediately descend into the tunnel, and then shoot across some river and I'm on 93.

I've checked some of the pre-existing posts about lobster rolls in Boston, and I don' think anyone has anything for Charlestown, Somerville, Medford, etc. (or even further into suburbia, surely suburbanites in Boston like lobster rolls, too.) Going over to Yankee Lobster might be an option, if there's parking, although it's a bit out of the way. Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. I'd go to James Hook. You can either walk there from South Station and then walk/taxi to Gov't center (depending on the amount of luggage), or rent your car and park in their lot. You can hop onto I-93 right there, and it'll be a shorter detour than anything in the suburbs.

    James Hook & Co.
    15 Northern Ave, Boston, MA

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      I second emannths' recommendation. If I were you, I would eat the lobster roll at James Hook before getting the car.

    2. Belle Isle in Eastie.

        1. I'd walk to James Hook before I got the car.

          But if you get the car Yankee Lobster really isn't much out of the way. Its very near the Xpressway.

          1. If "real" to you means a buttered and grilled hot dog roll, I don't think you get that at Hook.

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              How about Kellys in wellington circle medford.

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                i don't recommend tasted like it had just been defrosted.

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                  I would go to Moulton's Seafood in Medford not Kelly's. Moulton's right off 93, Mystic Valley Parkway exit follow to Medford Sq exit- go left then .5 mile down go right onto Summer St and you follow to the end and Moulton's is in front of you... so easy!