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Dec 12, 2011 07:03 AM

Where to find Ommegang Witte

I discovered Ommegang Witte at Meadhall this past week and am hopelessly obsessed with it. I've looked around to find a liquor store that carries it, to not much avail. Does anyone know where I might be able to find some? Someplace close to Fenway/Back Bay/Allston/Cambridge would be great, but I'm totally willing to travel to find some. Thank you in advance!

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  1. I don't recall seeing the Witte specifically, though Ommegang's stuff is fairly widely available. Call places like Blanchard's, Marty's Big Buys, Bauer Wine & Spirits, Liquor World, Cambridge Wine & Spirits, and Downtown Wine & Spirits. Whole Foods (River St Cambrige) and Trader Joe's may even have it. If you can hop in a car, Craft Beer Cellar (Belmont) and Julio's (Westborough, but that trip is almost certainly overkill) will almost certainly have it. It looks like it comes in both 750mL bottles (probably ~$8) and 4x12oz packs (~$11), so you'll get a better deal if you can find the 4pks.

    An alternative is Allagash White. It's the same style, gets high marks, and it's widely available in both 750mL and 4x12oz packages for about the same price as the Ommegang. It may not be a doppelganger, but it'll be close, and it's a very good beer.

    Good hunting!

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      Belmont Craft beer cellar is very close to the Belmont train station, if you don't have transportation. Ommegang tastings are fairly frequent, if you want to sample the whole line of beers.

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        you might also try Boston Wine Exchange (on Devonshire in the Financial district)

      2. Thanks, all! I managed to find both the 750ml and the 4x12oz at Blanchard's in Allston.