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Dec 12, 2011 05:57 AM

Do you have a favorite flavor of Progresso Soup?

If you don't like Progresso Soups, or canned soups in general, or think they are a health hazard, then this isn't the thread for you. Feel free to start a separate thread on any or all of those aforementioned topics. All legit topics, just not for this particular discussion.

But if you have a favorite flavor of Progresso Soup, then by all means weigh in.

Personally, I really dig the Chicken Barley and the Sante Fe Style Chicken.

The Roasted Chicken Rotini is good as well and definitely better than their Chicken Noodle, which I've recently come to really dislike.

And you? What's your favorite?

Full list here:

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  1. Chickarina....of course. I used to like the Lentil, Macaroni & Bean and Pea with Ham, but for some reason I cannot explain, I never purchase anymore. The Classic Vegetable line doesn't make the shopping list anymore either......The only other soup I will purchase is The Italian Wedding Soup, which is similar to the Chickarina Soup.

    Currently, Progresso soups average about $2.65 a cans, but they go on sale periodically down to $1.25 every two months. Twice a year, the two market chains I frequent most have them on sale 10/$10. That's usually when I will stock up.

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      I like the Tomato Basil with a good sourdough and sharp cheddar grilled cheese sandwich - and my husband loves the Chicken Primavera

      1. re: keli175

        When I'm in the mood for tomato soup, I usually make a recipe I found 20 years.... It called for a can of crushed tomatoes, fine dice mirepoix, finished with cream and garnished with thin sliced scallions.....

        Very easy.

        I'll have to try skipping the cream and using Fresh Basil next time I'm in the mood.

      2. re: fourunder

        +1 on the Macaroni & Bean. I tried this for the first time recently and just loved it.

      3. Italian Wedding and Chickarina.

        1. My 2 new favorites are the Lemon Chicken with Orzo and the Chicken Corn Chowder flavored with Bacon. I'm not a fan of the regular Chicken Noodle, but the Homestyle one is decent.

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          1. re: boogiebaby

            They make an Abondigas soup that I really like.

          2. I like the 98% fat free Lentil, for some reason it tastes better to me than the regular one. I do like the Manhattan Clam chowder (which I doctor w/ chopped clams), but don't tell my NE people! haha

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            1. re: kubasd23

              I love Manhattan CC but I haven't been able to find ANY out here in the west!

              1. re: pdxgastro

                Here on the East coast I get it at Stop&Shop/Giant but they have it in other grocery stores as well. I'm sorry you can't get it out there!

            2. My go to flavor when I'm recuperating from a stomach virus is the minestrone. That and a few ritz crackers really hits the spot!

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              1. re: Heidi cooks and bakes

                Their minestrone is one of my standard don't have time to pack a lunch lunches.