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Dec 12, 2011 04:26 AM

HELP! will not survive another week there.

I'm spending the week in Saint-Eustache again and it seems that other than casa greck and fast food chains, there's nothing there.
Please suggest some interesting alternative.

We went to casa greck last week and it was the most horrid experiences. They call their food souvlaki? I wouldn't even serve that to my dog.

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  1. Can you venture in Laval at all? Laval may not be known for fine food, but you will have way more options there than in St Eustache! Marathon's and Mozza aren't too bad.

    1. Tao Grill?

      Pan-Asian: 739 Boul Arthur-Sauvé.

      I also take it that St-Hubert isn't an option, though at least you know what you're in for. 555 Boul Arthur-Sauvé.

      1. lol - I work in the area and live not too far, and I must say I sympathize with your plight ! There are simply no good options in the area, sorry. All you can find are not too dreadful ones. There's a sushi/Asian restaurant on blvd Industriel near Arthur Sauve which is not horrible (the setting is, though). There's a couple of non-chain restaurants in the old St-Eustache, including one called the Vieux St-Eustache, originally enough - I've been there once and will not return, but if you're allergic to chains you might want to try. You could also venture to the Faubourg Boisbriand nearby, which has a few restaurants - another Asian one, a Baton Rouge (not great I know, but not as bad as Casa Grecque), a Vinnie Gambini, which is surprisingly not too bad, and also something called Acqua, which appears to want to brand itself as a hip 'urban' dining spot, which is hilarious considering it's in the middle of a parking lot in the deep suburbs. If you want some finer dining, you could go to the St-Christophe in the Ste-Rose neighbourhood of Laval, not too far away (maybe 10 minutes drive). It's a nice traditional french resto with good service and a nice wine list. Ste-Rose has other decent restos as well. Good luck !

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          Not fine dining but if you want a real good Montreal style pizza go to Pizzeria Daytona just off Arthur Sauve on Industrial, they make a real good poutine too.

          1. re: ios94

            Thank you for the suggestions. tomorrow is my last day in St-Eu as I have been thought to say. lol pronounced St-EUHHH

            Did go to baton rouge. Tried to find a pastry shop that made some sandwiches but ran out of time. Did go to Baton Rouge on Wednesday. This city seems to be booming how is it there's no portuguese, vietnamese or other ethnic restaurants. If there is they sure are hard to find.

            1. re: maj54us

              Did you look at the general population of St-Eustache? Young families, lotsa chains.

              1. re: maj54us

                I was born and raised in St. Eu (!!) and not a surprise. As much as the town has grown by leaps and bounds, it is still so very much behind the times in terms of good food! While lots of average chain representation, no independent presence by a quality restauranteur. Here's crossing fingers for maybe someday.......

          2. Years ago I had to stay there for 2 weeks... there was a great breakfast place (Dejeuner?) in Laval and we found someplace decent the name of which I can't recall in Rosemere. There was a very small, family style diner type of restaurant in St. Eustache in a little shopping center that had decent breakfasts (what's with baked beans with breakfast, though?), but I can't recall the name. Only place in St. Eu I ever ate in more than once.