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Dec 12, 2011 12:06 AM

Pillar Point Harbor - Crab boats

Bought some live crabs from the Cricket - Pier G 1 today. Bill & Penny Webb own the boat ..... the 4 crabs were just a tad less than 10 pounds and cost $38 and some change - I wasn't paying total attention. So, about $4.00 a pound. Turns out they had been cause just this morning - about 1am - I was told. They were very lively and when cooked: nice firm texture and sweet flavor. Several boats were in and there was plenty of crab to be had. We called ahead and reserved our crab ..... they mentioned that they save the bigger crab for those that call ahead and reserve. Their phone number is 925. 813-1591

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  1. Thanks, Gordon! The number is on my phone.

    1. I just phoned that number and got a recording pointing me to Penny's phone-- 925-813-1593. She said they'd booked all their crabs for tomorrow (Friday the 23rd) but other boats would be selling crab on Christmas Eve. Recommended getting there around 9A to be sure.