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Dec 11, 2011 11:49 PM

shanghai mystery noodles?

hello -

wondering if anyone can help... I am trying to figure out exactly what this dish is - it's a noodle dish, made up of a variety of sizes of cellophane noodles (tiny, fat, etc.) and tossed with vinegar, chili oil, peanuts and a ton of cilantro. Ate it twice - once at the wholesale markets in Qipu Lu and once at a Carrefour in Pudong (where there was a giant buffet-style set-up devoted to these noodles and they were tossed by hand by an employee)...

I am trying to tell someone who is going to china soon to ask for it, and I cannot for the life of me remember! help please!

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  1. Were the noodles flat and perhaps cold? It could be liang pi noodles.

    1. Liang Fen (凉粉) ?

      Sometime, it is resemble noodle, sometime more square and cubic.

      However Liang Fe is not really cellophane nor Shanghai in origin.

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          Your welcome. It seems one of my original links does not work anymore, so I am linking two other pictures which may help others in the future: