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Dec 11, 2011 10:35 PM

Restaurants with children in Vienna??

I started to make my list (actually my google map) of places to eat in Vienna after reading post after post- Sturmi being the resident expert and many, many thanks to you! Then, I became concerned.....we have two little girls who are usually well behaved, but you know it is the day of the week or the hour of the day. Will we be able to go to most restaurants? We have no intentions of going to the pre-children type restaurants with the lovely white table cloths and long menus that take a long evening to enjoy (those days will return later). However, we did want to enjoy the local delicacies and wonderful beer/wine. We normally eat early (5 to 6pm)- will this be viable? will this timing allow us to eat in most restaurants with kids? Are there restaurants where kids would be most accepted? My girls will not eat classic american fast food (e.g. Mcdonalds,etc), so please no suggestions of those types of restaurants.

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  1. Our boys are older but we still saw young children at all the restaurants we went to (except perhaps Gasthaus Wickerl) and Austrian food is eminently suitable for the fussy tastes of young children. Plenty of spaetzle, dumpings and potatoes in various guises. It may be that earlier hours are preferred by families and later hours by the childless? Sturmi will need to offer his expertise on this point.

    5:00 PM is on the early side. I'd think most restaurants wouldn't open until six. But the cafes do have regular menus alongside their pastries/coffees and it's very possible to have an early dinner at the cafes.

    Be aware that some restaurants are very smoky, as smoking indoors is still permitted in Austria. Gasthaus Wickerl was a thick haze of blue smoke, but Cafe Phoenixhof was smoke free.

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      Roland, I appreciate to reminder about smoke and the cafes..... I will check the opening times for the restaurants (with the help from Sturmi, of course) and can prep their tummies to last out with a few later snacks. I truly appreciate the help- any prep for the kids helps to make a happy trip. We are so thrilled to be going (esp around Christmas!). thanks again!!

    2. In Vienna there are many places without fancy table cloth and long menues. Children are welcome, and we took our daughter with us all the time when going out (but she is now 33 and likes to go out on her own).

      All the beisl mentioned in prior posts are suitable, and some of them are open all day, and most of them have a short children menu with schnitzel, sausages, pasta etc.

      You might check the opening ours on
      Just write in the name of the place and clock "finden".

      Vienna is also full of Italian restaurants and pizzerias, some of them quite good. I wrote a list recently, and here it is again, and these are just the ones where we eat pizza or pasta regularly:

      1.district: Gennaro in Bräunerstrasse, La Norma on Singerstrasse
      2.district. Mari in Leopoldsgasse
      3.district: That´s Amore on Messenhausergasse/Landstrasse
      9. district: Guliano in Tendlergasse and Mar in Müllnergasse
      15.district: Capatosta on Sechshauserstrasse
      18.district: Roma in Kutschkergasse

      And here is another long list (17 pages) of children-friendly restaurants in Vienna, which includes all kinds of restaurants in all 23 districts...

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        Sturmi- I can not thank you enough! You have been a lifesaver for this trip (food is just a wee bit important to me and my eldest daughter- at 5 years old, she is quite a foodie!) We are thrilled about this trip and now I can relax about eating. I am continuing to add to my list of restaurants from all your previous posts.......thanks again!!!