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Dec 11, 2011 09:54 PM

Sticky Rice in Montreal?

I haven't had sticky rice in Montreal in years. The last time i had it was in vancouver, the other day i found it on the menu at that hand made noodles resteraunt near Beijing, but when i ordered it he told me they no longer serve it because it is too much work to make. I have noticed the same things at most of the dim sum's that used to have it when i was little. So obviously my question is, does anyone know if theres any resteraunts in China town that still serve sticky rice? Thanks

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  1. I've found sticky rice easily at Maison Kam Fung and Ruby Rouge at dim sum when ordering no mai gai. Chuch or Chu Chai offer it as an option instead of rice when ordering, if I'm not mistaken. I buy it regularly at Les Freres Sakaris or Marché Oriental and cook it up with coconut milk to make my own, btw.

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      I have eaten it at the Thai resto beside St Vateur Bagel resto on Monkland

    2. If what you mean is the standard white sticky rice without seasoning, there are several thai places that serve it. La Thailande is one, I believe Chao Phraya might have it as well though I haven't been there in a long time. I don't know about chinese places or chinatown though.

      1. I see it more often in Thai restaurants than Chinese ones.

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          The thai one is not what im looking for, im talking about the chinese style one with the meats in it. Thanks for the replies i will check out Kam fung, i know marche oriental has it but i find that one is not the same as the resteraunt quality.

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            oh, i see...i've had that one at Tong Por and maison Foo Lam

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              Ah, okay, so you are looking for sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf, usually on dim sum menus. I'm sure you'll enjoy it at Maison Kam Fung.