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Dec 11, 2011 07:50 PM

mira mesa for cocktails / apps

Can anyone recommend a place around mira mesa in San Diego that would either have good cocktails or good craft beers along with some small plates we can munch on, would like it to be a lively atmosphere but not so loud that we cannot talk - going to be catching up with some friends we havent seen in awhile


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  1. It's probably more Scripps Ranch than Mira Mesa, but it maybe close enough: La Bastide Bistro. They'll have cocktails and apps, but the atmosphere tends to be pretty quiet. I think they only serve their happy hour in the small bar area, not the rest of the restaurant.

    Bruski's next to Trader Joe's usually has decent craft beers on tap and burgers.

    I can also recommend the Green Flash Brewing's tasting room. They have small tasting glasses of beer for $3/each, some tables (outside only) and usually a food truck parked in the parking lot.

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      How is Hamilton's Tavern?

      It seems like Green Flash and Hamilton are doing their 3rd annual Beer Stash Santa something - sounds interesting and like there will be alot of fun stuff on draft

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        Green Flash isn't really conducive to catching up with friends. You are drinking in a warehouse environment, with the only seating being a few picnic tables outside. It's fun place to taste beers, but I seriously doubt it is what Dapuma wants.

        I know that Karl Strauss is not cool among the beer elite, but their Brewery Gardens on the Sorrento Mesa is probably a decent fit - one of the few in that part of town:

      2. Hamiltons tavern isn't that close to our area but they are dog friendly and our friends have a siberian and loves craft beer so that was the clincher - will report back and let everyone know how it is

        Has 600 reviews on yelp and 4.5 stars and some pretty awesome beers on tap so looking forward to it

        Thanks for the help

        Oceanaire for us tomorrow :)

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          Hamiltons has good beer, and the food ain't bad. It is VERY dog friendly (as in, dogs are allowed in the bar), but that's going to be a bit a drive for you - probably around 30-40 minutes. If you head up 15 a little bit, and go into Rancho Bernardo, you'll hit Urge Gastropub which has much better food IMHO and pretty good beer - probably at the level of Hamiltons.

          At the same time, South Park is a cool neighborhood, and worth checking out. Just go easy with the drinking.

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            We had a fantastic time at Hamilton's they had amazing beers and the night we went everything was only $5 bucks. It was a madhouse in there and dogs were not let in that night but we lucked out with a table in the corner and had a lot of fun - they have a pretty good jukebox and the grilled cheese with onions apples and bacon went nicely with a lot of craft beer :)

            The neighborhood seemed pretty cool while driving around that area

        2. Cocktails aren't really their thing but Callahan's Irish Pub (in Mira Mesa Mall by Target) has some good house made beers and a decent (if a bit standard) pub menu. If you arrive early for happy hour then house beers (which are good) cost only $2 a pint.

          On the west end of Mira Mesa the WineSellar & Brasserie has a very good app menu though they're known mainly for their extensive wine list (most can be bought by the glass) instead of for mixed drinks.

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            Callahan's has cocktails as well as their own & other local microbrews. I don't think you'd find any new craft cocktails or designer "-tinis", but they make a decent highball or well drink.

            Callahan's Pub & Brewery
            8111 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126