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Dec 11, 2011 07:45 PM

Just an FYI... Chickies and Pete

I don't do this often and this is probably not the right place and some of you may think its inappropiate but from a foodie to another foodie I am posting this just to let you guys know about one of your establishments: Chickie's and Pete. "The number 1 sports bar" sues small independent locally owned restaurants for having "crab fries" on their menu. You see....they have a patent on the words "crab fries". The small restaurants can't afford the court fees / lawyers so they agree. CnP has now gone after a restaurant in North Carolina. Do they have crab fries on their menu? No. They have "seasoned fries". However, the establishment is called "Crabby Fries". This poses a bigger problem for the owners because CnP has demanded all merchandise to be destroyed, from mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. This lawsuit can cause this small independent restaurant to close its doors.
I'm from MD and you guys might have heard of a local restaurant owner here who trademarked "hon". Locals were livid and her business saw the much so she's starring in an episode on Hell's Kitchen where she gives up the trademark. This is what I hope will happen to Chickie's and Pete.

If you would like more info :

Sorry if this is the wrong place but I feel what CnP is ridiculous.

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  1. The link to WVEC doesn't work. Let's try:

    Also there is a Facebook Group called Save Crabby Fries.

    And read the article that started the ball rolling for the customers to start the above group:

    1. Thanks for posting...Not that we've gone often, but I'll never go back
      (by the way, for those who aren't from the Philly area, crab fries have no crab in them, go figure)