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Dec 11, 2011 07:39 PM

Wilson NC southern/soul restaurant

Hi folks -- I'm trying to identify an eatery I went to three years ago in Wilson. It was sort of on the outskirts of town, though in which direction I don't remember, and my recollection is that it was in an industrial building--not an obvious spot for a restaurant, that is. It was African American-owned and served country/"soul" cooking. Best collards I've ever eaten in my life. You go in the front door which opens directly into the dining room, and proceed to the next room, which has a counter area, with the food in the case as in the deli section of a grocery store; you point out what you'd like, and the ladies serve it for you. Extremely informal, and it looked like a lot of folks probably go there for carryout. It was absolutely delicious, and I would love to visit it again. Does this description ring a bell with any of you?
Sarah in Durham

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  1. Mitchell's BBQ...Ed Mitchell came to Raleigh and opened The Pit...not sure if the original place in Wilson is still in business now.


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      That was my first thought, but Mitchell's has been closed for going on 6 years now. Unless the op is miss-remembering the time it can't be Mitchell's.

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        Thanks for brainstorming about it. I don't think this place identified itself as a barbeque joint...

    2. The last I checked, a soul food type place actually had opened up in the old Mitchell's. There are a few other independently owned Southern/soul places that I've noticed elsewhere on Ward Boulevard.

      The old Mitchell's has the most "industrial" look of any of them, I would say. If I were you, I'd get on Ward Boulevard and ride for a few minutes- it sort of does a loop around town, anyway.

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        Here is a Google Map streetview of the old Mitchell's BBQ building, in case it looks familar:

      2. Whole Truth Lunch is another candidate.

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          Hey all,
          No, it definitely wasn't Mitchell's -- I would have remembered that. Naco, Whole Truth Lunch is a great bet, that sounds like what this place would have been called--but I just looked it up on google maps, and at least the location they list currently isn't the place I'm thinking of. Well, this was a few years ago--maybe it was only open briefly.

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            Wilson has a lot of mom and pops, but many of them do have the life span of a bee.

            Nothing else really springs to mind, though. There are a bunch of them whose names I don't know, but as best as I can recall they were in strip malls or fast food joints that had gone under. I remember one on Ward Blvd. that looked like an old Burger King.

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              But could it have been Mitchell's building, which apparently housed a another restaurant for a while after Mitchell's closed in 2005?