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Dec 11, 2011 07:26 PM

Any good restaurant in the East-side of Montreal?

Is there any good restaurant located in the east-side (let say east from Pie-XI street) of Montreal worth it to try?

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  1. This doesn't exactly qualify (it's a few blocks west of Pie-IX), but I very much enjoyed a meal at Le Valois a few months ago. The website tries to make it look hip and scene-y, but when I ate dinner there it was quiet and intimate the entire duration of my meal.
    The mains were well executed and the desserts fantastic (and I don't even have a sweet tooth). The lighting inside really makes for a nice atmosphere as well.

    1. I'd would strongly second Le Valois. And then there's also Les Cabotins, the Bistro des moulins and Bistro Chez Roger all of which have been on my to-do list for a couple of months now.

      1. If you like sushi may I highly recommend two places on Beaubien with virtually identical menus: Sachi Sushi and Itamea (the one near Chabot).

        I would also like to nominate Le Max-Rupp, the restaurant at the Calixa Lavallée Culinary Institute.

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          I've always wanted to try Max Rupp. What type of food do they serve? Also, have you tried their take -out?

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            it depends what day you go, what is on the menu. it is what the students have been practicing. it is fancy fare, market fresh, but not limited to any one cuisine. I like to go when it is the buffet and I get a bit of everything :) I have also been when it is a sit-down meal, and one time there was a 6 course tasting menu and we had to go "50-50" (i.e. there were two choices and one person took menu A and the other took menu B so there was no waste). I have not yet been for lunch.

            I have not done takeout but I have peeked into the "boutique" where there are breads and meats and cheeses. A little pricy for me.

            whenever you get there, bring thy camera, a lot of love and care go into presentation.